Wednesday, June 3, 2009

♫ Happy Birthday, My Sweet Girl

My sweet girl turned four this morning. Technically, she doesn’t turn four until around 6pm tonight.

Miss Kyanne:

She wasn’t planned. This little diva of mine, was a birth control baby. Determined to join us, and change my life, she’s left me wondering what I ever did without her. Bouncing blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes, and a crooked smile that will send you to heaven in a moment, she is the light in my day. I couldn’t ask for a better toddler. With the exception of her quirky texture issues (she refuses to sit on the grass, eat certain foods due to texture, and wear certain fabrics), she is the easiest child ever born. She is my strength when I feel like I cant go on. She is innocent, brave, and already, my hero. This little girl, is a rockstar. Not only does she love every bit of music she can get, but she can sing in tune, dance to a beat, and never ever misses the chance to say "turn it up a big one, mamma!". Never stop dancing, angel, never. Lover of shoes, hater of actually wearing them, and fashionista already, this girl, is all girl. But one of the toughest you’ll ever meet. Is there a better combination?? Her laughter is forever contagious, and her heart is nothing but sweet. Something about the way she looks when she sleeps, is home, no matter where we are.

My sweet girl, my world begins and ends with you. I cant believe it has been four years. My baby, I cant wait to see you grow, pray over you while you dream, and love you while you change. Youre my rock. I am so proud of you.

It’s on days like this that I am reminded that I am exactly where I need to be, right now. I am blessed to have such amazing people around me, that are willing to adopt me, my girls, and my family, regardless of history or fault. On this day, I am reminded that:

I have the coolest sister ever.

Kyanne woke up this morning and said "I caught FOUR today", and then "I want to wear my pink dress and yellow shoes", that apparently, my sister is hunting down today, just because that’s exactly what my baby wants. That, and she remembered to call us first thing this morning to wish miss Kyanne a happy birthday. Kyanne, in return, sang to her entire office on speaker phone, one of her favorite songs. Miss Danielle leaps at the opportunity to spend time with my girls, and rarely considers it a task. PLUS, the girls have her hair. Thanks for passing that along my dear.

The girs are blessed with an awesome gramma and grampa

Regardless of my current lifestyle, my mom and dad continue to step in and be the best grandparents they can be. Braving two toddlers at one time regularly, getting their pretty little hairs cut, and spoiling them with truck rides, horse and dirty barn adventures, and candy, God put them on earth to be grandparents, there is no doubt.

Miss Theresa

Somehow, the strength in this lady, is contagious. Not only did she step in and take my girls as her own, she is passing along amazing manners, one on one interaction, park adventures, and anything their little hearts desire. She treats them like they are her own, greets us with a smile every morning, misses them when theyre gone, and still has this southern drawl that me and the girls cannot get enough of. She’s one of the prettiest people I know, both inside and out, and her beauty runs deep. We are so blessed to have her in our lives.

My bestest best friend ever, and family in tow

Not only does my best friend love me regardless, she loves my girls with everything in her. Not only that, but her mom, and entire family, have taken them on as their own little girls. "Gramma Jo", and her brothers, mean the world to my girls. We’ve always had duplicate Christmas’, birthdays, and holidays. They are my second family, and have proven, that it’s not the blood that makes you family, but the love that flows between you.

Mah Boy

The absolute best jungle gym around, "Brand-it" lets them climb all over them, cuddle him until their eyes are heavy, and throws them higher in the air than anybody. Oh their laughs when he’s around, I cant get enough. Being the best hugger ever, he swooped Kyanne up in his arms this morning and wished her happy birthday. Plus, his dog, being the cutest puppy ever, got them out of bed for me this morning. I am lucky to have found such an amazing guy.

Miss Cindy

"Brandit’s" mom. Her and I are new friends, and it seems, that we have an awful lot in common. She has stepped in and adopted every piece of me, and everything I love in my life, and taken them on as her own. She holds the strength of an army, being the glue that holds everything together, she stands tall, even when the weight on her shoulders is impossible to bear. Her family is the most warm, loving, and accepting place, that I’ve ever visited.

My Co-Workers

I am reminded every day that I love my job. I wouldn’t trade my job for anything right now. It’s not only what I do though, it’s the people I work with. My cube partners, my copy girls, my IT dudes, my co-blogger, and my Chad...are lifesavers, shoulders to cry on, supporters, and encouragers. They are an army behind me, regardless of my life outside of work. I couldn’t make it through the day, without every single one of them. Plus, when I bring my girls around, they spoil them rotten.

The list could go on and on and on...but this blog is getting lengthy. It’s amazing how life has a way of showing you exactly where you need to be. I am surrounded by people that love and accept me for me, and proving, that the decisions I’ve made are taking me in all the right directions. Im surrounded by love. So much, that it’s overwhelming. Thank you for making my little girls day something special.

Yours Truly,


Sista! said...

It surely isnt a task to have your girls, it is just as much fun hanging out with them as it is any of my friends, I can't get enough of their giggles :)
You are a "be-awesome" mamma and I love you all to pieces.
Happy Birthday my sweet little nice!
Both of your girls are huge blessings in my life and I couldn't live without them :)

Oh.... And I LOVE that I can buy them shoes and clothes and they are excited about it :)

That Girl said...

Your daughter is beautiful and what you've written is wonderful. My girl turned four this April and she is turning out to be the most amazing little person.. I love this age!

hoovee said...

I have a voice mail from a few months back and a not very happy time for me of the sweet little voice of this now 4 yr old girl saying 'miss you hoovee hope yer get better' and it still brightens my day whenever i hear it :)

Such sweet little girls can only be raised by one heck of a mama and that you are miss nomz!!!

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