Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Idaho! No, you-da-ho!

This is just a little check-in to narrate how our drive went. Ugh. For those of you with Facebook, you've probably already seen my pictures of the clouds, the crying boy, the Idaho sign.

Yep, we're here. After a day and a half, 600-something miles and four hours of non-stop crying on Malachi's part (not a carseat baby, apparently) we've made it to our destination. I'm mourning the days of an eight hour drive from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Hailey, Idaho which I could do with one fill up and no kid. Sigh.

Here in Hailey, it's been raining as much as it was in Cheyenne. So, it's green everywhere. Remember the scene in Land Before Time, when the little dinos finally discovered the Great Valley? That's what my home looks like! I heart it.

Anyway, thank you all (Jay from the best smoothie shop this side of the Mississippi, Naomi, Lisa, Ashley, Jennifer... mom, dad and Jane) for your send off. It made leaving harder, to see your tear filled eyes, but more hopeful for the future. Since you've all promised to come visit me!

And, thank you, Susan and Jimmy for opening your home to us! We do appreciate it more than words can say.

So, until any particular adventure presents itself, I'm going to let Nomz spill her creative gut. :)


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