Tuesday, June 2, 2009

♫ Am I a "Wine-O"? Not Yet!

It’s dawned on my recently, I love wine.

Ok, she sheepishly admits, I’ve liked it for a really long time. But, I’ve always heard "Wine-O" in a bad way. Like, enjoying wine, makes me more of a girl. Well, enough people have told me lately that I need to be more of a girl anyway, watch me go.

Wine coolers do not count. Sorry. I’d rather drink beer, thanks.

Wine though, is absolutely satisfying. I have five favorites.

#1. Boones Farm. Truly. There is something about being able to buy an entire bottle of wine for five big bucks. And it tastes like punch with a punch. And there is absolutely nothing better in the world, than drinking it with my best friend while we giggle ourselves apart. Yes, even us tough girls do that every now and then. Plus, this tasty little concoction was introduced to me in college, and im a little bit attached.

#2. Electra. There are several shades, apparently, and the two I’ve had are pretty awesome. Mah boy introduced it to me on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve developed a bit of an addiction to it. It might hold some sentimental value, but Im pretty sure the stuff just rocks.

#3. Pink Truck. I have no idea where my bestest best friends boyfriend got this stuff. He got it for the bottle, and the stuff was a grand half way mark of red and white. I drank almost the whole bottle, including the glass shards, by myself.

#4. The orange stuff. I really cannot remember how this came up, or what the stuff is called, but the women im beginning to love more and more all the time introduced this fabulous wine to me and my sister in the biggest wine glasses I’ve ever seen. Actually, I didn’t realize they were big until I saw how much of the bottle fit in them. Anyway, we asked her what kind it was, and all I remember, is my sister telling us four times that it was the orange stuff.

#5. The kind I haven’t discovered yet. That’s right. I plan on, in the near future, buying myself a pretty little wine rack for my perfect little corner in my kitchen, and becoming quite the connoisseur. I want to be the swirling, sniffing, lip tapping, wine tasting snob that you see in all those fancy restaurants. I want to cook with wine. I want to dine with wine. I want to be a girl about wine. Wonder if it comes with that cool accent that you see in all the movies? Do they bottle English accents?? Hmmm.

Please do list your favorites to get me started. I know plenty of you drink it regularly, I’ve seen your super cool wine racks and collections. Help this girl in the making, out.

Yours Truly,

PS. If anybody can find me that cork screw, the "orange stuff", or another bottle of Pink Truck, I will heart you forever.


Sista! said...

I heart the orange stuff!
and I too was told many times what it was actually called. But I can't remember.
Can we do wine tasting together in November?!?!?! :D

Linda in Cody! said...

Oh my Naomi...I've become quite the expert with my "JUGS Wine Club"! By the way, "JUGS" means "Just Us Girls"! Start one in your town!

We taste 6 different types of the same wine every month (for example, last month we tasted 6 different types of Pinor Gris) and pare it with the appropriate food. A fun and educational get-together that I look forward to!

My favs are Pinor Noir and Shiraz's...light, not too heavy red wines. We've also learned from wine club that the cheaper wines taste better...so remember that when shopping!

Happy Wine-ing!!!

Sazaran said...

Gaaaaaaaaaag. I hate wine. Unless it's the sickeningly sweet kind that you can get from Olive Garden. Then, give me a glass and take advantage of my willingness. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

So, the "cork screw" at the top, is actually a stopper, and you can get that here: http://www.bisouboutique.com/storetags/fungifts-favors-bar-corkscrew-heart.htm

If you want the cork screw like it, that's here:


That Girl said...

Hhmm...wine... lurve the stuff! Every time I read another article about how stresses out mums drink too much wine of an evening, it stresses me out so I have another glass! Great blog!

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