Tuesday, June 2, 2009


It's been a tough week for me- emotionally, mentally, moodily. I've wanted to crawl into a hole and wait until the world blows to pieces (all of my most loved people and friends with me, of course). I can even think of a few sayings and hand gestures for those who I feel have made my week so bad.

Thank God for hairstylists.

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels all of life's grunge wash down the drain whilst the the stylist cleanses my hair with über-nice smelling shampoo and conditioner so soft you'd swear a caterpillar were in the bottle making the stuff from its silk.

I've always thought of a hairstylist like a bar tender. They are great listeners. You sit in their comfy chair, read their gossip magazines and let your insides spill. And they just nod and snip. Nod and snip. And, if you have an angel for a hairstylist, you know your insides won't be spread around the town.

Then comes the cut. If there were ever a better way to let a little change slip into life, without wreaking havoc, it's with a haircut. Just think: your hair goes every where you go (uh-duh) and can even seem as baggage. You know, that day when you got fired and then your dog almost bit your kid? Your hair was there... and cutting a little bit of it off is like cutting a little bit of those bad experiences off. With new possibilities growing in.

Ahhhhhh, if I had enough money, I would never do my own hair. I would just visit my stylist every few days and let her work her therapy.

So, this is just a shout-out to Sierra at Chella Bellas. You. Are. Amazing. Thank you for helping me cut off this week, this weather and this sour mood. I love my hairs! And as Miss Ashley would put it, "I think I have a crush on my hair". Nomz loves her, too, and you'll know why when you see her golden tresses sparkle in the sun.

Sierra, even though I'm moving (sniff) I will tell everyone I can (in a reasonable vicinity) to let you work your magic on them.
SRSLY, people. She's the beeeeeest.


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