Friday, June 5, 2009

I ♥ England

England, age 17-19

This country, my home away from home, makes my heart happy in so many ways! It's green nearly all year long (tulips do bloom in February!), it's surrounded by ocean, and it's where I spent the best part of my spiritual growth. For almost two years, I lived, worked and attended Bible school- then, called School of Life and Ministry.

One my first day in the Land of Drizzle, I walked for miles taking in every ounce of the culture that my soul could bear. I love it's quaint little hominess- the way that there are still villages standing from some three hundred years ago. The homes displaying that lovely style of white paint and dark slats of wood on the outside. *Sigh* Shop keepers still wave to passers-by and little children are still safe to play in the lonely streets.

Perhaps the reason my reminiscence is so dreamy is because I lived with the most caring, loving family God could have placed me with. They were truly set on showing me the proper and still-pure side of England. I fell in love with Veronique the moment I played dolls with her and counted the days until Natalya's introduction to the world.

If you're ever in Folkestone, England and need a warm, caffeine boost- skip Starbucks and head straight for The Chambers. A coffee house upstairs and a pub/restaurant downstairs- this was my place of employment and has to be in my top two places that I've worked. I adored the location- set on the street corner so that I could watch the people for one short moment in their life as they passed by the large, store-front windows.

Some would argue that England is just a little too rainy for their tastes. They do have their fair share of sunshine. It's all the same to me, really. Rain is so cleansing and relaxing. Even when it pours, I love it. When you're surrounded by green, instead of white or brown, it's easy to go without clear blue skys for a little while longer.

As amazing as this all sounds, it pales when compared to the work that was worked in my heart when I gave myself over to the will of the Lord and went to SLM (Life Bible College). I went from nothing to everything I could possibly ask for (and more) through Christ's all consuming fire. I do not mean material things or even superficial desires... I mean LIFE. He truly picked me up from the ashes I wallowed in, cleansed me with His all-healing blood, set my feet upon His Rock and made all things possible for me!

If I were given the chance to go back to Folkestone and live- even help with the church- I would be on the next plane to plunge in all the way. Are you reading this, Lord? *wink wink*

God bless the Queen.


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