Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes, this is a repost, if you read this on myspace, feel free to ignore...

  1. Rocky Mountain Potato Chips-made in Pine Bluffs, Wy-crunch goodness, especially the Dill Pickle kind!
  2. Wherever you go, there you are-meaning try and hide if you want, but no matter where you go, you will know somebody
  3. Fresh Air-little pollution, lots of buffalo roaming good times, room to breathe!
  4. Picture ops-ok so most of Wyoming is horrifically ugly (The drive from Shoshone WY to Casper WY for example), but if you spend enough time here, you find those spots that will literally take your breath away
  5. Small towns that make you feel "at home" just by driving down main street
  6. People still pull over to help those stranded, bored, or taking pictures
  7. Hometown cookin'! The little hometown restaurants even in the "cities" have those amazing potatoes…soup…bread…ahh….
  8. Every town has a tourist attraction! Every single one…some famous cowboy died, a huge rodeo monument, a horse that will be remembered for decades to come, a singer, poet, or writer lived there or drove through there once, they make the best burger on this side of the Nebraska state line, etc. There is something to see in every town!
  9. Everyone knows how to drive stick, steer a truck, back a trailer. If you don't, you haven't lived in Wyoming your whole life-or you live too close to the Colorado border.
  10. Every town has a rodeo
  11. Every town has a "day" in the summer, "Burns Day" for example…a small parade, cream can dinners, horrible karaoke…
  12. Cream Can Dinners…very few people outside of Wyoming even understand this term much less have actually taken part in one…mmmmm….
  13. "Coyote Hunting" is a year round hobby for most of the male population
  14. Making contraptions to go Coyote Hunting is what we do in our spare time
  15. We have two "Cities"
  16. You can only get cell service in about 60% of the state, and even parts of the bigger towns still do not have internet capabilities
  17. Ranch isn't just something you put on your food-though almost everyone here eats it on everything (fun fact: Wyoming goes through more ranch than any other state.)
  18. There are 4 local country stations in every town, and 1 other station that plays everything for those that don't like country
  19. There are more bars and banks than there are churches and Starbucks.
  20. Every bar is a country bar or a biker bar.
  21. When there is a hometown football game, 93% of the entire town shows up, an away game? Well above 50%!
  22. Tailgating is an actual sport 'round here
  23. A peaceful walk isn't just a possibility, it's a guarantee
  24. You can see the stars no matter where you stand in Wyoming, and the sunsets will take your breath away
  25. The interstate makes funny noises
  26. We have the smallest town in the US-Bill Wyoming has a population of 4…and that includes Bill's dog.
  27. There are dirt roads through the middle of every town, including both of our cities
  28. It is called "God's country" for a reason.
28 Reasons why I love…and laugh…at this state. Feel free to add your own! Ya'll come back now, ya hear?


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