Monday, November 17, 2008

I heart Target!-Nomz

While retail sales seem to be low for almost every store at the moment, WalMart has actually shown an increase in revenue. This amazes me…mostly because every single person I know loathes WalMart.

I had to go there this weekend for some reason…and realized that I have pretty much the same gripes every time.

*I hate how people drive their shopping carts. If they drive their cars anything like their shopping carts, it’s no wonder most of us a have a bad case of road rage, and there are so many crappy drivers out there.

*People seem to forget HOW to park. You know what I mean, you’ve seen the people drive up the down rows, make up their own parking spots (especially in the handicap area), somehow take up five spots with their little VW bug, and park so close to the next car that unloading your goods is near impossible.

*The Quick Check-out Line. Probably my biggest peeve of all. Just because the sign says 25 items or LESS does not mean as close to 25 (32 is close if you round down right) as possible. If you have half a cart full of stuff, be nice enough to get in a normal line! And why oh why are the especially slow or superbly old checkers running the “Quick” checkout lines????

I could probably go on most the day about WalMart…but while I was there last, I realized that there are some positives or people wouldn’t go there. So…in order to achieve my goal of finding a little good in everything, it’s only fair to try and look on the bright side.

*They cater to the lower class…I am not sure cater is the word, but they employ what most wouldn’t.

*They’re convenient…I love that I can go there and get everything. When you have a big ol’ list and a few grouchy kids…that’s huge.

*Where else can you find a handicapped (physically) person that will offer you a cart?? (If you’ve never heard Rodney Carrington’s take on this, take a listen-more than mildly offensive though…but to give you an example: “Sure I’ll take a cart, hop up and get me one!”) Really though, the greeters are always more than nice…nicer than I could be in their line of work.

*Everything is marked down…but you gotta wonder, if they’re lowering prices every day…when will this stuff be free?!

*Most are open 24 hours! This is a grand thing…especially at 2am when there is nothing better to do?! Let me tell you, there are some strange things in there at 2am…

*McDonalds! WalMart cutters, or something like that (no, not people that cut themselves, the ones that cut hair). SO, you can get your food, diapers, dog food, sprinklers, tires rotated, fabulously unhealthy food, and your hair cut, all in one shop!

There’s my gripes…and loves…of WalMart. I heart Target!


Sazaran said...

My gorgeous husband and I most definitely have a love hate relationship with Wally World. He used to just watch and laugh as I glared at people who would take up a whole isle while I was calmly trying to make my way past them.

I think he once said, "If everyone could see the hate in your eyes..." and I'm ashamed to say that I must agree with him.

My main gripe about Wal-Mart are those people who feel the need to MEANDER down the rows of goods. Walmart is not the scenic route; you don't go there to gaze at the items. Its a go-in-and-get-it shop. Meaning, get the heck outta my way!

But, yes, I do love to go there and waste precious sleeping time at around 2am. Ever read that list of things to do in Wal-Mart at 2am? I think I've crossed of about 75% of those to-dos. Ahhh I love that place :)

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