Friday, November 21, 2008

A Teeth Scraping Good Time!

You know, they say that “God has a sense of humor. If you need an example, go to WalMart and look around.”

Funny, but not nice. I ranted about WalMart last week. I think we’ve all had our frustrations. I decided to go a little bit further. Walmart to me is like listening to someone scrape their teeth on their fork when they’re eating. It gives me goosebumps…and not the good kind either.

This girl is a germaphobe, clutter phobe, and claustrophobic…and should not even be venturing into a place like Walmart.

I love how on the credit card machines they post little surveys. Was your store clean today? Was the sales associate nice? Uh…that’s a no, on both, almost always. So yes, I think in a sense, Walmart is an example of God’s sense of humor. I’d like to think he laughs at my querks though (the way I use my Purell at least twice through the store, step over the scary things on the floor, and the look on my face when I see interesting people that cant drive their carts), not the faults of the people I am watching. Being a people watcher, I can tell you that the crazy cat lady’s, the homeless, the soccer mom, the old lady with nothing better to do, the handicapped (physically and mentally), and the down right odd people (you know, the ones that have to grab the second gallon of milk just because, or the ones that sift through all the potatoes to find the best ones-you cant pick good potatoes people, they’re all the same!, the ones that spend hours sampling the cheese, the drunk ones, the dirty ones, etc.) all shop there at the same time. And as much as it is entertaining, I don’t typically find it humorous.

Always loving all flavors of people, and doing my best to find that silver lining in all things, as frustrated as I get sometimes…I try to be thankful for the oddities of Walmart.

Thankful that I have a place to get everything I need, including my fill of people watching. Thankful as I look around that I could always have it worse. Thankful that I have a great job. And really, quite blessed that someone invented both Purell and cheese samples (yes, I am that weirdo).

Alright, I promise, the next blog wont be about walmart, or teeth scraping on forks (because I know if you have that problem too, even the thought of it is making you cringe right now). Happy Friday!


Danielle said...

Hey now, I am one of those people that ALWAYS has to grab the second gallon of milk. I can never grab the first one, there is just something about it that makes me "eeeek". Maybe I got that quirk from my mother? But it makes me crazy at the walmart here, the shelves are too close together for me to just reach behind the first milk carton and grab the second one..... makes it a lot harder to get a carton of milk since the all slide FORWARD when you grab one. Sometimes, I have to put my quirk aside and settle for the first gallon and I HATE it! :)

Laugh it up.

Sazaran said...

I actually had a real life, honest to goodness, wave of goosebumps when you mentioned that forke on teeth thing.


Nomz said...

wow...another person to add to the list of people i know with the weird milk issue. Do you realize that someone right before you probably pulled the first one so the first one is actually the second one???

Y'all are a buncha crazies (rolls eyes) said...

My favorites are the ENTIRE FAMILIES who go shopping together... like, the angry mom and her six hyperactive kids who like to shop in tandem so they can span the entire length of the aisle. Or that have the very fast small children who like to run..

Sazaran said...

I always get stuck behind those women with the six, crying fighting kids! AHHHHH!

controlled chaos said...

Is that article picture you posted up for real???
I don't believe it.
Oh yeah, and my families one of those that goes shopping as a family-at least to Walmart. My brothers see it as an opportunity to get the snacks they want, that my parents are refusing to buy for them.

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