Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Life's Tingley's-Nomz

“I actively participated in every moment of the creation of this life—so why did I feel like none of it resembled me?” (Eat, Pray Love-Elizabeth Gilbert)-Read it!

Know that feeling? I think we’ve all been there. If you haven’t, you will. At some point, you’ll wake up, look around, and wonder how you got there and where to go next. The question is not if it will happen, but when. And when it does, are you ready? Are you ready to feel loneliness to the depth of your core? Are you really ready to find out who’s been behind you or next to you, and who’s been holding you back or shoving you down?

It seems, some of us like to remain in that “safe” place. The place where we are comfortable, the place that feels “ok”. We’d rather not take a leap and find out what’s on the other side of misery. We prefer to stay stuck in the mud, content with the way life has turned out, even though things could get better with a little risk. That’s ok! I really truly believe there are two kinds of people. There are the kind that prefer “comfortable”, and there are the kind that prefer “life’s tingely’s”.

The kind of people that enjoy to be tingled constantly, are risk takers. The ones that get hurt more than anybody else. The ones that stick themselves out there to be attacked. It’s hard. It’s scary. But you feel every bit of life to the fullest extent. You get goosebumps when you hear the right voice hit the right note in the perfect song. You fall in love so deep that it makes your ribs hurt because you ache for them so hard. You get shattered to pieces because you love somebody with everything in you. You have to leave people behind that are holding you down. Do you really think that the people at the top of the ladder in life got there by being “comfortable”? By being ok with settling with whatever hand life dealt them? I don’t think so! It takes passion, drive, and risk. It takes heartache. It takes loss. I…will always feel the tingley’s in life. Always.

Two challenges.

#1. Comment on this blog with a way that you’ve felt tingley’s…or the reason you prefer to be comfortable (that’s ok too!)

#2. Make a list of things you want to do before you die, and start doing it. Who knows what tomorrow holds.

“If you desire your life to be a magnificent story, then begin by realizing that you are the author, and every day you have the opportunity to write a new page.” --Mike Houlahan


Sara said...

Okay…so I prefer to think that while we’re all different the two types of people discussed to be “comfy” or “tingley”…are really phases that we all live through…kinda like our sleep phases… REM then Deep Sleep back and forth all night long, ya know??? So… What type am I??? Well currently I’m comfy…to me, that would mean content as well… I could possibly be considered to be settling but I think I’ve settled on the best… I’m not saying I’ve attained all that I want to attain, but I am saying that for now…I could definitely do without tingley’s… I’m quite happy with my current life and don’t need any tingley’s…not that I’ve ever been that big on them in the first place. I’ve had enough crap for a good long while so it’s my turn to skip out on tingley’s…you youngsters enjoy yours all you want but don’t forget…sometimes…one can get caught up in LOOKING for tingley’s and forgetting or missing the moments where the seas are calm AND beautiful… You know the old saying…can’t see the forest for the trees…sometimes it’s nice to take stock and a deep breath and smile at where you’re at and feel content with what you’ve done so far and actually think about whether you’re fine where you are, pray nothing tragic occurs to rock the paradise boat, and enjoy the comfort found there.
That being said…what do I want to do before I die???? See my sister succeed on the current path she’s chosen. See my friends on a path they’ve chosen and isn’t obscured by silly road blocks. Watch my husband’s artwork be admired by the greatest art critics in the world.
Now for the exciting stuff…
Watch a colt grow into a yearling and work with that yearling so he will become a partner for life.
Hunt Coyotes—Then try it out with dogs
Spin my own wool that comes from my own flock of sheep and make my own knits and sell some artsy fartsy “fiber arts” to people in Maine.
Raise a few Caucasian Ovtcharkas so that we can control some predators naturally rather than shooting them (and ourselves in the foot)…
I think that’s it at the moment… See…not a whole lot of “tingley’s” in that list…

Sazaran said...

Good post Nomz! I waited all night to write a response and I thought a lot about what I'm going to say... don't worry, it will be nice :)
I've decided that I'm a "morpher", and amoeba, if you will. There is no one time or place in my life where I am strictly comfortable or tingley. REM or deep sleep.
For example, although I'm slowly beginning to hate my job (wait, been like this for a while now) I refuse to leave because I am comfortable; the schedule works for me and no where else in this place can I earn as much as I do, working as little as I do (baha). Yet, at the same time I find myself trying to stir the pot; push those buttons; challenge those preconceived ideas just so I can feel something- anything! I need tinglies at my job or it will fail me.
The same goes with my relationships. I am comfortable in my relationship with my husband (for fear of stepping backward, I guess) but there is no lack of tinglies there- not with the new addition to our little duo.
I am, unfortunately, very comfortable in my relationship with Jesus. This is not a comfortable comfort- sort of like sitting in a comfy chair that has cactus needles poking me everywhere. I don't want to be comfortable- "I want tinglies, Lord!" But, then, why don't I do something about it?
So, I've changed my mind then, I'm not an amoeba. I'm a desperate idealist with her feet stuck in the mud. SIGH.
Here's my Bucket List:
-Visit more of Europe (any country!)
-Go behind a waterfall
-Adopt a baby from a third world country
-Become a labor and delivery nurse

I'm sure there are lots more things I want to do before I die; they're tucked away in my mind, somewhere. :)

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