Monday, November 24, 2008

The One-Upper

You know... THAT friend. The one that always has to be better (or worse) than anyone around them.

Me: I would love to meet the Newsboys one day. 

One-Upper: Oh, I've met them and let me tell you, they're amazing people.


Me: My labor was pretty rough.

One-Upper: I'll bet that my labor will be worse, the way my body works and all...

I think everyone has at least one friend like this. What is it with this person? Why the stellar ego trip? The victim mentality? I'll tell you; they're attention mongers. Big time. But, what they don't get is that their little stories backfire almost all the time. Rather than getting the attention they're seeking, everyone starts to get irritated by them. 

I also think that this One- Upper is married to Discord Among Friends. Yup, together they just love to get the dirt on other people and go spread it among the other friends. So that they can always be the good guy. Makes sense. 

So, rather than being a jerk and telling this one person off, I'm going to tell that person that they don't need to go looking for attention. People like them just the way they are. BUT, if they do keep it up.... things will backfire. Like they always do. 

Dun dun dun. 

Take a look at this, it will elaborate on everything I may have missed:


Naomi said...

You DO know that you're making every single one of your friends scratch their head and say, "I'm not that friend right"?? :) Which is a grand thing, we should all consider how much we talk about ourselves I spose.

We all have that friend...and at a time or two, felt like that friend I her through's an attention thing because she's not getting enough of it apparently.

controlled chaos said...

I'm that friend! I completely compete with my friends over the stupidest things! I just have to win.
But I don't spread dirt about anyone...
I think it's an attention thing. I even said that to one of them. And they say it's a freakish competitive thing...

Hmm maybe I'll go into this whole self-evaluating who I am and take a break from the world thing.

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Well, if I had said who that friend was- there would be no point in my passive aggressive payback :)

I did drop a huge hint though, all you have to do is look around for it. :)


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