Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bouncing Girls? -Nomz

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It so happens that Miss Sazaran and I were discussing “the ladies” today. Not the female specimen, but the body part. Yes men, women DO talk about them. No, we don’t stand around topless while we hang out, nor do we compare them (ok sometimes)…there isn’t such a thing as boob envy-at least not out loud-but they are a topic of discussion, I would say, semi-regularly.

This named discussion involved their nicknames. Now…we all know that they’re publically referred to as many things: Knockers (tend to be large), Noobs (very little), Chest Jellies (what?!), Chest Butt (the infamous cleavage crack), Judith boobs (Holy Crap?!), Dairy Cannons (seriously?), Mary Kate and Ashley, and Hooter McBoob (for those of you with man-boobs). Yes I know there’s a million more, and yes men, we know your language…saying something to your buddy like “Did you see those headlights?” isn’t by any means sneaky. Can I let you in on a secret? Given that they are just slightly lower than our eyes, we can tell you’re not looking us in the eye when you’re talking to us. We know you’re just being nice when you say you prefer a handful-the rest is a waste. Please. Spare us.

Eh hem, back to the discussion. These, are not the names we were referring to. I discovered today, that some women, actually have nicknames for their beloved ‘ladies’. Similar to men naming their boastfuls, we tend to over exaggerate, pad them, push them up, and yes, name them. I shouldn’t say ‘we’. I never have even debated a name, nor do I know anybody that has…apparently, I am not that kind of girl. Is this truly the norm?!

This post was made to make you smile, but the discussion is serious.

I have a few questions (for both my gents and my girls). Why oh why are these things so highly discussed and treasured, but something that will turn up the heat on this blog and offend some? Is it truly attractive to see a woman running?? Why do we name our body parts? Do you? Do you dare share? If you dont, share one for friend, or enlighten on us on more slang!


Sazaran ( . )( . )- milk ducts said...

Compliments of

Happy sacs
sweater cows
Mounds of Joy
( . )( . )-fat
(.) (.)-cleavedge
( y )-nipleless

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of High School when I was "studying with this friend" who referred to those womanly parts as Romulus and Remus. Seriously you should know who they are, if not that is your own problem. Anyways I think it is good maybe even natural to name certain body parts... Just keep them between you and your partner or person of interest. These are the types of things people should be longing for that type of deep connection that only exist between two people and YES I think this is a common thing people do. As for "us" men looking down for a peak, what is wrong with that? We look for a reason, and no not just because we are sex crazed animals but to catch your attention to get a reaction out of you. How else are we to know what you are thinking :) As for women you can't tell me you have never "sized up" a male. You know; looked at there "twig and berries" and wondered. So go for it name a part of your body. Have fun with it, express yourself in ways you haven't before.. This is "Stanley" THE POWER DRILL signing off..

Danielle said...

hahahaha good one girls!
And based off the code sarazan gave, I can sure hope that mine are never ( y ) or \./ \./

Sazaran said...

Bahahahahahahahaha- "Stanley" THE POWER DRILL

Anonymous said...

Well...I hope said Stanley continues to join the discussions!

I think my favorite by far is Mounts uh...Mounds of Joy. :)

Thanks for the comments...

Anonymous said...

Hey girls! This post is hilarious! I, myself, have never "named" any part of my body. Growing up with a nurse for a mother and now being a nurse myself, body parts have names. . . and it is perfectly acceptable to use them, no matter how many times you cause your grandma to have a heart attack by saying breast or penis. But of course, in a locker room or naval ship or over martinis with the girls, one gets more of a rise out of vulgarities versus respect. Now, I'm not saying I'm not guilty of talking dirty now and again, I think we all do it as teenagers to get a rise out of people and show how "worldly" we are, but, and I can't believe I'm agreeing with "the Power Drill" here (which by the way is chock full of innuendo!!), as we get older, things like that are best kept between yourself and your partner. It makes it special rather than trashy.

I do have to say this to Mr. Power Drill however; you may not be able see my reaction when you speak to my breasts rather than my face. You see, my husband is big and mean, and I will be long out of your sight before the swelling goes down.

Lots of love Sazaran and Nomz!
Your cousin the RN-BSN, Allyson :)

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