Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Conversation-Nomz

So there we were, peacefully watching a movie when my two year old, we’ll call her ‘Angel’, decides to throw her infamous attitude at me. Let me tell you, this girl has passion, drive, and serious attitude. If you’re been among the few to see that look she gives me outta the corner of her eye right before she says or does something that she knows will get a reaction, you know what I mean. Attitude back makes things worse, so we’re going to love her through it and for it!

So there we were, in the middle of the living room after a somewhat peaceful dinner where only once she told me “mamma, you eat your own food!”. And this conversation transpired:

Angel: “Mamma, go get me cup!” (Yes, because she’s still learning to talk, she talks like a pirate quite a bit)

Mamma: “Angel, you have to give me a hug every time you give me ‘tude’!” (as I grab her and wrap her up)

Angel: “No mamma, you hug a dude!” (Yes, she took out several words in the middle of my order and turned that right around on me)

More hugs, lots of giggles, and something neither of us will forget. She told me that again this morning when she woke up. She gave me that look…those big ol blue eyes looked up and sparkled through her hair and she wiggled that nose and said “Mamma, you hug a dude!” and took off around the corner.

Moral of the story: Love people through their quirks, hug them when they get on your last nerve, and make it a point to hug a dude today! Or at least…let your passion shine and let your ‘tude get you thru the day.


danielle said...

my goodness how i miss those girls and their 'tudes :)
I cant wait to come home and see them both!
This one did have me giggling since I could only picture the look on her face and the tone in her voice. That kid will never know how funny she really is :)

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