Friday, November 7, 2008

Road Rage and the Mini Van Theory

I was a bit timid on writing this, for fear that I might offend a minivan driver, but…the rules are, you don’t get offended when reading this blog, or at least you’re nice in the way that you defend yourself. Don’t like it? Leave! Not really…just, be bear with me.

Why is it, that when you’re late to work, school, a date, whatever it may be, that life literally throws you under a bus?! Ok, so maybe not under, but definitely behind one. You’ve all been there, behind the school bus that stops every ten feet, the semi-truck that has to shift 14 times before it actually gets to 30 miles an hour, or the mini van.

Wait, what?!

Ok, the first two, perfectly logic explanation on why they’re slow and happen to be in my way. Some rubbing of the ear lobes and ooooffffrrrraaaaa baaaaing will get rid of my slightly high level of road rage. But mini vans?! Seriously. Ok, I’ve driven enough of them to know that most of them have more balls than most cars. Why then, do they seem to swerve more, drive slower, forget to use the turning lane, turn signals, and break at the very last minute? I don’t get it! Unless you have one of these:

You have no right at all to drive like that!

Just do us a favor minivan drivers, stay in the right lane, let me pass without fear, or realize that the car you’re driving is fully capable of keeping up with the rest of the world.

It amazes me that we have laws that require motorcycle drivers to take a course and become certified to be out on the road…yet not women (haha, I can say that because I am one of the crazies), pickups, OR minivans! If you cant drive a pickup (silly boys, trucks are for girls??? Reallly?), don’t buy one just to look tough, sound tough, or impress somebody. Please? It’s not what you drive, it’s the way you drive it. Couldn’t say it better than this:

Rant over…



Sazaran said...

Amen Sista!

And may I just add, to the crazy mini-van drivers, please do not give us dirty looks as we pass you- like we're the ones taking up two lanes! We just don't want to be involved in your next accident! :)

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