Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Ghosts, Religion, and Schmitty-Nomz

“Ghosts are a metaphor for memory and remembrance and metaphorically connect our world to the world we cannot know about.”

LESLIE WHAT, interview, June 2002

Alrighty folks, time to dive deep. Bear with me. I am not sure on my standing in this. Let me use you for a ventilation system for my thoughts, and hopefully we’ll get quite the discussion going.

Do you believe in ghosts?

When I was growing up, when a door would suddenly blow shut, or we’d get chills on the back of our necks, or something would fly off the counter without rhyme or reason, our parents would say “Schmitty did it!”. That was their way, from my understanding, of saying “that was weird, let’s blame it on the invisible harmless”. We were never taught that Schmitty was a ghost, or really taught to believe one way or another on the subject. I’ve never personally had any “encounters” that I’m aware of. I don’t fear ghosts. I don’t fear the idea of ghosts. I find them intriguing if nothing else…and am open minded to the possibility. I’d love to go to a place where the hauntings and sightings are “guaranteed” just to see if we let our imagination get the best of us, or if something truly exists.

Until proven otherwise, this is my take.

I believe that the quote at the top of this blog nails it on the head. Ghosts are a metaphor, or a symbol, of what is left behind, or what is to come, or what we hope is still with us. I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. I do not believe that people can be haunted or that ghosts are necessarily harmful or evil. I will not believe that they are spirits of those that have things left behind or that their destination un-chosen or undecided.

I believe two things.

#1. “Ghosts” is not only a transparent spirit or being, it is also a transparent, or shape-shifting word. It can be taken many ways and used in many ways. I believe that the power of Satan, along with his demons, has the power to make you believe or even convince many that one is haunted, evil, or harmful. But I also believe they have the power to take on many shapes, forms, and beings, “ghosts” being one of them. But should you choose to whole-heartedly believe that it can be conquered by God, it cannot be harmful to you.

#2. People that die have a predetermined destination, immediately. I don’t believe that you can choose to stay in a realm of haunting, a realm of indecision, or change your mind half way there.

Again, as we require you to be open minded, I will do the same, and I look forward to a good discussion. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had any “encounters”? If you have religious standing, please share that too!


Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Although I don't have Scriptural backup on my theories, I think they make sense :)

Demons, I believe are possibly disembodied spirits from the pre-Adamic race. Now, I cannot even prove that there was a pre-Adamic race, but for me it explains the origin of demons. In Genesis (between chapters 2 and 3, or something like that) it eludes to more than what we think happened with the world. To make a long story short, Satan (Lucifer, at the time, before being kicked out of Heaven) was the "ruler" of these people.

There are also Fallen Angels- the ones that chose to follow Satan when God kicked him out of Heaven- they can take on a physical form. the example I have from the Bible is sort of a general one. The Bible says that (paraphrased) "the sons of God (angels) came down to earth and had sex with the sons of me (humans) thus breeding giants". So, we know that they can take on a physical form.

Both of these spiritual beings use their abilities to confuse and deceive by appearing as "ghosts" or "spirits". Remember, Satan's main objective is to side track man with has much deceit and distractions as possible.

I, like Naomi, do not believe that a person's spirit can remain on earth after death or get "stuck" somewhere. The Bible says that after death comes judgement. No in between phases.

The spiritual realm is a fourth dimension that we are mostly ignorant about. Not that we don't know it's there, but we don't often think about it because we don't have the physical evidence of our five senses to constantly remind us of it.

There are hosts and hosts of "demons" (I really don't like that word, it implies sort of poltergeist image) and angels that surround us every minute of the day and they know everything that goes on- they are the audience of our lives. So, if something significant were to happen, they are there to take note. Thus, they know secrets that other people don't. (This, I believe is the reason physics can tell us unknown things- they communicate with the "demons" about certain facts in our lives.) This enables them to act as certain "spirits" to deceive us. When someone says they saw their dead Aunt or Dad- they're not really seeing that person. They're seeing a "demon" pretending to be that person.

Bottom line: ghosts and spirits are meant to deceive. Don't fall for it. In everything you hear or see, refer to the Truth of the Bible.


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