Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Only 44 days!

I know, I know- don't start a countdown already! BUT... I... can't... help... it! 

For years now, Christmas has been such a disappointment for me. Since the divorce of my parents, all the sparkle and magic of the holidays has just wilted. I mean, last year, my dad's wife bought a shrub with glitter as our Christmas tree. Are you kiddin' me?! C'mon people, the birth of our Saviour isn't just another day. Its a day meant to be the most celebrated, the most cheerful and the most decorated!!

Having a baby has changed all of that for me. I'm so excited to teach my lil Scooby Doo the traditions we have as a family and see his face when I turn the Christmas tree lights on! I'll take delight in his excitement over the box his present came in, rather than the present itself.

Rase and I have decided that we're not doing the whole Santa thing. We'd rather honor Jesus by giving Him the credit for all those delicious presents under the tree (I can just see it now, Scooby Doo telling the kids in his class where presents really come from. Eeek).  Plus its just too much work to wrap all those presents (with him being the only grandkid on my side, there will be a million) the night before the Big Day, dressing up, the stories, etc. I'm sure all the parents out there know. And then, there's the day when my little Scooby Doo tells your little angel that there is no Santa. So, you have to call me and ask why he did that and I have to explain how we raised our child; that night you have to calm your little angel before putting them to bed, assuring them that its not the end of the world and that Santa most definitely is the hero of Christmas... (inhale)... see what I mean? Jesus is the only way...

And in honor of my Christmas spirit, I'm posting our Christmas Family Photo- its a gem. :)

Merry Christmas!!!


Danielle (Nomz's sis) said...

I do LOVE your Christmas photo :)
The coats are adorable and you are such a good lookin family!

Jesica Ogden said...

I completely agree with what you and rase are teaching Mal. Chris and I have talked about doing the same thing, and you know what... You and I can field calls from angry parents together lol.
Love the pic!

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