Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A short story I wrote back in highschool

Sarah stirred slightly; a cold draft wrapped around her shoulders, and she reached for her blanket. But instead of feeling her usual bed sheets, and comforter… she felt a cold hard surface.

Sarah awoke with a start. Where was she?

She opened her eyes, but all she saw was darkness. She tried to wave her hand in front of her face.


Sarah’s heart began to race. Slowly she stretched out her legs, waiting… hoping to feel the end of her bed. She didn’t.

Lying on her back she swept her arms around herself, as if she were making a snow-angel. She felt walls.

Walls? Why were there walls so close?

Sarah panicked.  She tried to sit up, but half way up, her head made harsh contact with some sort of ceiling. She winced, and lay back down, trying to steady her breathing as she figured out a reasonable explanation.

Wait… was that?!

Sarah held her breath… she had heard a faint noise.

There it was again. A low, deep growl.

Sarah fought back the tears that were raging in side of her.

Please…. Please. Someone help me.

Sarah’s mind raced. Where was she? Why was she here? How did she get here… and, Please, God, let there be a way out.

The thing growled again. This time it sounded closer.

Then, she felt it. A warm pant… a sof,t most zephyr across her skin.

Its  breath.

Sarah reflex kicked in and she tried to move out of the way; as she did she felt a quick sharp pain. It was bearing its teeth onto her skin.

Sarah cried out in pain.

Her mind told her to stay calm, but her body rebelled

She began to kick, punch, pull hair, hit, scratch- Anything to deter the attack.

Her muscles began to turn to rubber, she’d lost feeling in her legs and her lungs screamed for air.

But she kept kicking, and pulling.

Her head pounded, and her vision blurred. She was losing consciousness…

Sarah? Sweetie?

Sarah recognized the voice immediately. It was her mom…. But why was her mom there? Was she okay? Did the thing try attacking her, too? Thoughts raced though her mind- horrible visions of what could have happened to her mom.

She was losing it.


Was she losing her mind? Sarah tried to break free from her assailant. She moved but it pulled her back down, refusing to give up on its prey so easily.

Something began shaking her.


Sarah! Wake up!

Sarah’s eyes fluttered open. She swung, and missed her mom.

Sarah, wake up

Soaked in sweat, Sarah regained consciousness. She looked around, she was back in her room, her bedside lamp illuminated everything. There was no animal, no monster.

Just her mom… and sweet, sweet safety.

Mom! Something…. There was… are you okay? Did it get you, too?

Honey, you’re safe. Nothing was here. You’re okay.


Shhhh. Just go back to sleep you’ll be okay. Sarah’s mom kissed her forehead and left the room.

There was no way Sarah was going back to sleep. Not tonight.

She slowly proper herself up and looked around; as she did she cringed in pain.

She looked down and saw blood.

It was coming from her forearm- the exact place she’d been bit.



Anonymous said...

That's it?!?!?!? How oh how does it end?????


Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

That IS the ending... mwahahaha


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