Wednesday, May 27, 2009

♫ Multitasking does not play well on the heart strings.

Multitasking is like an ill tuned guitar trying to play a love song. What’s funny, is that women brag about how great we are at it. And either I didn’t get that quality, or that’s crap. I mean, ok, we’re better than men (at multitasking...and it’s proven, im not being sexist), but not by leaps and bounds by any means.

Doing my best to not make this blog male-inspired, im not going to compare men to women. Im also going to make an attempt not to bring relationships in to it, though, with this subject, it may be impossible.

I’ve noticed recently, that my short term memory is failing more than normal. You can tell me something, and within minutes, it disappears in to all oblivion. It’s frustrating for not only the person who thought it was the most important thing ever, but for me too. I’ve been debating getting on a ginkgo biloba regimen. Does great things for the short term memory, and as an added bonus, increases sex drive. Side affects: headaches, restlessness, nausea. Headaches, are actually cured by sex (whoa nature, you rock at balancing yourself right out, don’tcha?!), but im already restless, and cant stand feeling nauseated. So, y’all are gonna have to put up with a crappy short term memory.

However, I am determined to figure out why this fabulous quality is failing so miserably.

Ive come to the conclusion, that’s it’s the multitasking.

I used to hate texting. Recently though, I’ve become a bit of an addict. It’s unfortunate, it’s causing some people to suffer, and im telling ya now, im going to try and back off. It’s a great thing, it really is. You can have short little private conversations at will, and I plan to continue to do so, but when im spending time with somebody important (now, if I am texting in front of you, Im working on it, it’s not because you’re not important), I plan on trying to back it off. Let me explain:

First of all, when im talking to four different people, or more, at once, the amount of emotions that come out are ridiculous, and start to take an affect on whomever mutters the next word. So when I get a mean text message from somebody, im mad at the next person that fidgets. When I get a funny text message, the person im with is the funniest person ever no matter what comes out next. It’s not really fair, even if they are the most angering, or funniest person ever. That’s not the real you, and that’s not your real reaction. I also think, that when four people tell you something all at the same time, your brain runs out of immediate storage space. So not only are you in emotional overload (as if we don’t get that way enough as it is, without four people assisting), you are running out of space and can no longer store it all in your "you might need this soon!" memory.

Ever sent a text message to the wrong person? I bet so. Youre thinking about one person, and talking to another, and some random person in the middle gets it. Ive done it, twice. Once again, it’s either the lack of feminine genetics that helps me multitask, or it’s completely normal to lose part of your mind when it’s going in too many different directions.

It’s painful to be on the receiving end of somebody that isn’t giving you their full attention, so it’s not really fair to do it to them, whether they can physically see you doing it, or not. Most phones allow the other person to hear the "tap tap tapping" of you texting while talking. Granted, it’s impossible for your friends to tell when you’re texting four other people at the same time, but if youre with anybody in person, they can feel you not paying attention. And just because they cant see you doing it, those four other people would probably be less than excited about them not getting your full attention.

My apologies for my manners. I plan on keeping texting in your company to a minimum. Also, hopefully with this goal, my short term memory starts to play rock star again. This bites. If not, I may have to try the Gingko. Look out world.

Yours Truly,

PS. Why, yes I did play at Nascar this weekend. And a blog will come as soon as I have pictures for you to entertain yourselves with, I promise.


Your adopted mom! said...

B-12! That might help! :)

Oh and great blog today young lady! Keep on texting, we can take it and we love to hear from you! We care bunches whether you are happy, mad, sad...whatever...we can take it!


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