Tuesday, May 5, 2009

♫ Learning to Dance in the Rain...or Kiss.

When It Rains It Pours

Im officially backasswards lately. Like, the more you try to run uphill, the more you slide down. The more I try to encourage, the more I discourage. The harder I try to stay positive, the more things seem to crash. In an effort to be grateful, I wasn’t grateful enough. The more I try to blog about happy, the more I sound like a whiner. Ironically, like right now. Too bad you cant hear me. Im not whining. Searching for a gadget to implement my voice on to my blog to prove it.

Again, with the help of a few of my favorite people, my blog inspiration.

#1. Don’t think too much on something. Everything will work itself out, whether we think hard on it, or don’t.
#2. When it rains it pours. But you’ve got to learn to dance in the rain, rather than wait for the storm to pass. Not only will you miss out on life, but you’ll miss out on the dance, and the chance to be refreshed.

Spring time is finally here!

Spring showers are by far the best part. Of course, there are things like:

Baby animals!
Call me a sissy lala, but there is something about those big ol’ sappy eyes of a baby cow or the clumsy run of a baby horse that leaves me hypnotized, and grateful for making it through an entire winter:

Baby Babies!

Maybe it’s just a theory, maybe it’s true. It seems more people have babies in the spring and summer, and I am just convinced that it’s because old man winter forces you to cuddle all winter long. Congrats to all my lucky ladies. I cant wait to hold your preciousness.


Im not a planter. Or a grower. Nor do I have a clue what season you plant what to make it happen. But I LOVE the smell of flowers, and the look...they’re one of my favorite thing to photograph. And theyre always most amazing in May. At least in my inexperienced, unprofessional, opinion.

The Rain

I know I’ve already mentioned the rain. There are two types:

#1. Real Rain. The kind that soaks clear to your bone, can come in both vertical and horizontal flavors, and the kind that no matter how it falls, smells amazing. There is something about being kissed in the rain that will leave you breathless, and never let you forget it. There is something about jumping in the puddles that will not allow you forget that there is still a kid in you somewhere. And there is just something about the air around you when the storm passes, that will have you in awe. Rain, is only allowed to be hidden from under an umbrella with somebody you love. unless it’s the skin pounding horizontal kind, in which case, you’re required to enjoy from behind something fairly solid, like a window.

#2. Metaphorical Rain. This kind isn’t nearly as fun, but isn’t any less inspirational. Whether you weather (which sounds grammatically horrible) a real storm, like above, or the kind that life brings...you come out of it a better person. "Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain." Let the people you love hold an umbrella over you, and take the steps you need to weather the storm and figure it out.

Yours Truly,


Sista! said...

Oh :) I love it! The only problem is, now I want to go run away to.... somewhere and kiss a boy in the rain. So now, I will be searching for a boy and waiting for it to rain to accomplish this! he he

Anonymous said...

I do like it :) brings back memories.

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