Thursday, May 28, 2009

♫ I Love my Toads

In a strange mood today.

I think im overwhelmed. That’s a good word for it. Not so much with my life, but with everybody else’s.

#1. Jealousy is coming out to play for the first time ever, and I don’t like it shoving it’s ugly rear in my face. I hate how it’s on the list of uncontrollable emotions. This isn’t about material items, this is the emotional kind. The kind that pushes buttons all on its own. The kind that brings out your evil imagination to play and convince you that whatever your biggest fear is, may actually come true. Things like, you’re not good enough, or she’s better, or she is going to be the rain on your parade no matter how pretty your float. oh hai self doubt, please go away.

#2. Three of my best friends are moving in separate directions, all at the same time.

My bestest best friend, moved last fall. I miss her like crazy, but have surprisingly, survived.

The rest of them:

The best sister in the world has decided to move to Laramie to persue school. I am behind her alllll the way, you can call me her biggest fan, waving the big ugly "You’re number 1!" foam finger in the front row, it just sucks.

My best bloggess friend, former co-worker, and biggest inspiration, Sarah, is moving home to Idaho. Every time she talks about it, I tear up. Im attached to her, and her little boy, like they were mine all mine.

My new co-worker friend has the coolest hair ever, massive amounts of talent, and a way of listening and relating, like nobody’s business. This chick is going places. And in a hurry. She’s moving to Illinois this weekend to get her masters degree. Once again, I am the obnoxious biggest fan, but oh so heavy hearted.

I feel selfish, but it hurts to lose so many people, all at the same time. Ok, not lose. It’s not like they’re up and croaking or anything...but they are hopping. Frogs either way. All of you. Toads even. Im gonna miss you like mad. And if I could find a way, I’d split myself in four different directions and follow you.

Life really is good for me right now. I don’t want to sound like I need a pity party. I just needed to vent. I love my toads. And I cant wait to see you succeed.

Yours Truly,


Linda in Cody said... so very hard! But it makes us stronger women, more resilient, and tests our skills at keeping in touch, via long distance.

You will be just fine Naomi... :)

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