Tuesday, May 12, 2009

♫ Mercury Retrograde

Does it seem like you, and everybody around you, is having a heckova time just staying afloat lately? Does it seem like relationships that mean the most, are frustrating you and cutting you deeper than normal? Seems that the harder I try, the harder I fall. And the more I look around, the more I realize Im not the only one in this battle against all odds. It seems like when we give it our best, our best isnt good enough. When we try to do something right, it happens all wrong. Just when you come up for air and great things start happening, life has a way of throwing something else your way. Words are cutting deeper than normal, and once they grab ahold of your mind, wont shake loose, begging for you to analyze them until they cut deeper.

Im one of those people that believes there is a reason for everything. I wont let things happen without explanation. So, when a friend of mine mentioned this recently, I can honestly say that I didn’t really take her seriously, but was, as usual, open minded. Im asking you to do the same for me. This theory isn’t going to be for everybody, and im not completely sold myself, but it’s strange how dead-on it’s been this time around.

It’s called Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde is part of Astrology. Keep reading, give it a chance.

Similar to horoscopes, timing is everything. A few times a year, the planet Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky for about three weeks. No planet actually moves backwards, it’s an illusion, depending on the tilt of the Earth. This most recent illusion started on May 7th, and will continue until June 15th, but it will only be in "peak" for three weeks. Blah Blah Blah, let’s figure out what this means:

Mercury is thought as the planet of confusion, ruling over the lower parts of our mind-where we do most of our communication and interpreting of information. So, when Mercury Retrograde is in high gear, our brains get a little bit, uh, sensitive.

Decision making is the most challenging during this time period. It’s best to avoid signing contracts, and engaging in important decisions. You’ll get frustrated, because the communication between you, and the opposing party, will be near impossible. You’ll get more careless, losing money, personal information, locking your keys in your car, etc.

Plus, I like to call this time of the year Male PMS. Something about this time, makes men extra sensitive, confrontational, combative, and emotional. So, ladies, if your man is having hell, and giving it to you, bare with him for the next week or so. It’ll pass.

There are some positive aspects to this time of year though...for one, if you can make it through this storm in your relationship, you’ll end up stronger for it. It’s also a great time to reflect on your life and do some reorganizing. It’s really healthy for our lives to be rearranged, it’s just uncomfortable. The biggest thing to remember, is that everybody is feeling it, and the way things come out, or the way you hear them, probably isn’t true. Youre being fragile, and so are they.

Now, Im not going to go on and on about this...first of all, im no expert, nor am I completely sold on any part of astrology. If youre interested in it, I hightly recommend our friend Google, he will teach you everything you need to know.

On another note, life isn’t always easy. This is just one theory why. The important thing to remember, is that it all happens for a reason, and you have to give each day a new start. Forgiveness is key. Trust is huge. Bear down and let life run its course. You’ve got to find people that are going to love you, and laugh you through it, no matter what turn your life takes. I heard a great quote today (you probably read it on either Facebook or Twitter):

"I am determined to bloom where I am planted, no matter how rocky the ground."

Life lands you right where you need to be, and gives you everything you need to grow, and succeed. You’ve got to learn to bear down and weather the storms.

"May the angels protect you
Trouble neglect you
And heaven accept you when its time to go home
May you always have plenty
The glass never empty
Know in your belly
You're never alone

May your tears come from laughing
You find friends worth having
As every year passes
They mean more than gold
May you win but stay humble
Smile more than grumble
And know when you stumble
You're never alone

And remember, when it feels like you’ve hit bottom, that the world is walking out on you, and that youre completely alone, there is no way to go but up. Nothing worth it in life comes easy or without fight. And if you want to live, youre gonna have to take big risks and embrace heartache. Stand strong in your truth, at the end of the day, you've only got to put up with yourself. ;)

Yours Truly,


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