Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

It's no secret that mothers make the world go 'round. Here's to all of the lovely ladies who give up their time, money, priorities and self to care for the ones they love. You deserve the best!

Legacy of Love


I've copied you, Mother
My words echo your voice
You're my shining example
The one of my choice

Not thinking about it
I've copied your style
The way that you walk
The way that you smile

You fashioned my dreams
You painted my hopes
I've learned to make knots
At the end of my ropes

We all learn to love,
But not from a friend
I learned your strength
And when I should bend

Mom, you've mapped the way
To Heaven above
By teaching me kindness
By teaching me love


Nomz said...

Thanks for posting this lady...youre an amazing mommy, and im blessed to have you as a best friend.

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