Monday, May 18, 2009

City Meets Country

Imagine this: driving along a dusty road, winding around and through green hills and colored farmland. You see a truck coming at you, a ribbon of dirt in the air flowing behind as it appraches. The truck passes and the driver waves at you with a warm smile. You don't know eachother, but the welcome is genuine. Pulling into "town" you notice the old, dilapitated buildings and farm machinery dotting the landscape. This town is antique in every sense of the word. In fact, modern appliances are more rare than the real antiques. The air is clear, with a hint of lilac; the sky a colbalt blue; the breeze slight against the skin.

Welcome to Fairburn, South Dakota. Some may call it a podunk town, some may even call it an almost-ghost town. But, it's my mama's town (meet her parents {above}- Opal and Barney). Located right next to the railroad, it was once a hub of railroad folk. Full of potential. Alas, a fire wiped out the town and forced the majority of its residents to seek other homes. Now, Fairburn has about 30 people- all have been here since about the time my mom was born.

Despite the lack of population, Fairburn just may be your quiet, country paradise. If you like that kind of thing. I do. In small doses.

I am very much considered a city girl here, in this home away from home. What this city girl does not like are the tics, snakes and/or bugs, in general. Like I've said before, am I all that "city" for not wanting to check my son every few hours for tics that might be feasting on his blood supply? If I wasn't a paranoid mother before...

So, because I am a glutton for boredom, I am staying here for a week, with my mom. I can tell you, however, that there is a certian atmosphere here that tempts me to stay a little longer. The friendly faces, the old convictions and maybe, just maybe... the simplicity of it all. I sure do have a lot of picture opportunities, too. Keep and eye out for a few to be posted on the blog!


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