Monday, March 2, 2009

♫ Help! Im looking for my future! Has anyone seen it???

Im on what you could call, the "Van Wilder Plan". Ever seen the movie? Dont. It was a killer to my name. Seriously. Nobody knew that "imoan backwards" until somebody pointed out that Naomi can be spelled both ways. Like Hannah. Only less cool.

Anyway. For those of you that dont know what I mean, I am on the "Van Wilder Plan" because college has been "in progress" for about, oh, seven years. I have four different almost degrees. And now, I am going back for more. I am going back for something different.

The degrees in progress now:

#1. Equine Training and Management with a understudy of Business Management.
#2. Photography
#3. General Studies

I am going back for one of the following:

#1. Computer Science with a focus in Computer Forensics
#2. Marketing
#3. Animal Science/Business Management
#4. Journalism
#5. Photography

See why I've stopped going for the last three years? Yeah, you thought it had something to do with me getting on the fast train of life, settling down and having babies all too soon. was mostly me getting exhausted of putting a lot of money in to a future that I wasnt going to ever accomplish while staying on that zig-zag of a path. I am going back. This summer. And finishing. My problem, is that I want to do all five, and find a way, to put them all to use. Your suggestions, votes, and opinions, are appreciated.

In the mean time, lucky for us, college is not the only thing on the radar, or the only thing that we get to do in life.

I thrive on the city life, and good ol' Wyoming isnt doing it for me. And I hate the wind. It stirs up this creature inside me that likes to eat at my job, my kids, my friends, my appetite,and my mood for days on end. Bad news for a socialite.

But at the same time, I get these withdrawls for everything country. My horses, my dogs, the mountain air, the smell of campfires.

So, I need help in finding a way to find me and my girls paradise somewhere in between. With a job that supports our little food sucking family of three (these girls can EAT!), that combines five different degrees.

You see why Im stuck?

Ah. And there's always that...relationship...thing. For those of you that havent found out, figured out, or know the difference, I am now a single mom. And, though enjoying my singleness (which is now a word), eventually, I will want to settle down Im sure.

Oh the future is terrifying. I am now making decisions for not one strong headed, strong willed, independent girl...but three. We're fighters, survivers, pedal-to-the-medal kinda girls, that have this life in front of them that is unknown. Amazing how your perspective changes when you have to make a call that will affect so many more people than just yourself.

Within the next year, all of these goals will either be accomplished, or on a path to be so. Your help is surely appreciated. Where oh where is my paradise?

With love,


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