Thursday, March 12, 2009

♫ For the Shoes!

I was told recently, that I need to develop the unhealthy fetish of the shoes. Im surrounded by these people. The co-workers are having this intriguing minor competition, and I was appalled that the two I love the most have 40ish (not so appalling), but others in their department had upwards of a hundred or more. My sister has a budget for the things. My best friend has an jealousy-worthy amount, and my Sazaran has more heels than anybody I know, and pulls them off no matter what they’re matched with! Ah, and my lovely shoe-budgeted sister already has my three year old accessorizing.

Ladies, do help this girl understand.

I have 11 pairs. I counted for above mentioned competition. And didn’t really realize that was a low amount of shoes until I peeped my head outta my cubical-ed tomboy life and realized how alone I am in this. So...these girls are on a mission. A mission to put Nomz in heels. And boots. And...God knows what else.

A quick poll ladies and gents. How many shoes do you own? Once I start this dear fetish, where do I start? Is this one of those things where you must sacrifice comfort for style? What is your favorite style {and for my sake, please include a definition of said style, as I probably will not read it as English}? Last question: WHERE DO I PUT THEM? Im having a heckova time organizing 11 pairs.

Do help a girl out. Ah, and if you want to include a pic of your favorite earth stompers, I would very much enjoy that as well.

Slightly distressed,


Ashley! said...

Oh, darling, we must, must, must start you off with flats. They're my favorites and the majority of my collection (which numbers all the way up to 43!). I'd have their little shoe-babies if the opportunity ever arose.

Where do I start?: Clearance sections, baby. Target usually rocks, Plato's Closet (especially if you have normal-sized feet, like size 8's), Journey's and Dillards all have done a hefty part in furthering my shoe collection. I rarely pay more than $20 for a pair, unless they're boots.

Must you sacrifice comfort for style?: Not if you're walking in my shoes! Cute doesn't hurt. The end.

Where do I put them?: We've got one over-the-back-of-the-closet-door organizer, one of those standard shoe holders, and one two-tiered plastic rack that holds about six. Suffice to say, adding MOAR SHOE STORAGE is high on my list of spring cleaning to do's. Lowe's seems to have an awesome selection.

Favorites: Oh lord. (which I'm rocking today!) - I have something similar; black flats go with everything!

And my bright red patent kitten heels; and my UGGS (bless them & the boy for getting them); and, of course, these Tevas:

You know where to find me when you're ready to go shoe shopping ;)

Anonymous said...

I only have 3 so I hear ya

Sazaran said...

I do agree with Ashley on said shoe resources: Target, Plato’s closet, Ross, even Wal-Mart can provide rare gems. And, I too, refuse to pay more than $20-ish to make my feet pretty.

However, sometimes, as a girl, it is essential to wear shoes that are not as comfy as pillows tied to your toes. Take, for example, our company Christmas party. I wore a little black dress with little black stilettos. By the end of the night, the stilettos were eating my feet for dinner. But, I looked s-e-x-y and therefore was happy to sacrifice any luxury for a night full of pretty.

You may begin your training by watching What No To Wear. I used to have this weird thing with my shoes matching my top- which is part of the reason why I have almost 30 pairs of shoes! But, after watching that God-sent show, I now know that you can wear (almost) any color with any outfit! It definitely throws in some “magic” when your shoes can produce some oohs and ahhs. The shape of your shoes also plays a part in making your outfit to-die-for. It sounds like a lot of homework, but in the end it’s what you feel makes you look great!

feel a shopping adventure comin’ on!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

One pair to wear to the gym
One pair to wear to work
One pair to wear to the barn
Another to wear to the barn
One pair to wear with a dress

Do I need more than that?????? Is anyone at the barn going to notice I have to many for the barn?

Hollyberry said...

I never understood the shoe-love thing. My collection is growing, though.I have a few pairs of heels that I love (especially because it makes wearing super long pants to cover my super long legs much less clumsy) and a few pairs of flats... I think I might have about 15.
I'd say go for cute AND comfortable. If they're uncomfortable--make sure you LOVE those shoes. Then and only then are they worth it.

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Thanks for all the responses! Apparently, I need to find time to take all of you on a mission. Or at least the ones that seem to think I need more.

Hollyberry, I think you and I are in the same boat! We dont LOVE shoes, we appreciate them. :)


Sazaran said...

Ahem, love and appreciation are synonymous. ;)

simply nikki said...

I'd say I have 20-30 pair. Course that probably includes 5+ pairs of flip flops! =) Pretty shoes can be comfortable, flats are a wonderful invention (for a girl who hates being tall), wedges are a cute way to go for height without sacrificing too much comfort, and every girl must have a pair of boots.

I love shoes (and handbags), and don't have nearly enough. At this time my collection is pretty basic and boring. I'll have to remedy that.

It's easy to start, just go shopping! Look for colorful, fun, and funky.

As far as where to put them Wal-Mart or Home Depot have great shoe storage type thingies. Over the door is awesome, or a two tier shoe shelf for on the floor of your closet works too. For all my flip flops I just got a plastic tub to throw them in. Have fun!

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Thanks Nikki...

Im actually more excited to go to Home Depot than the shoe store. ;)

Thanks for commenting!


Sazaran said...

OMG, I just realized that the top pair of heels on your lil photo is covered in peacock feathers. WANT!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. So I'm a little late in responding to all these cause normally I dont... but shoes are close to my heart. Here goes:

1) I own 56 pair now. I'm an addict and am ok with it. Here's how i figure things: you don't wear the same shirt every day, right? Or the same pair of pants? (tho wearing the same pair multiple times in a week is ok by me).

So why on earth would anyone want to wear the same pair of shoes every day of their lives? well for 1, we need different kinds for diff functions (you wouldnt run a mile in a 3 inch stiletto). But not only that: it's good for our feet. shoes are made to keep feet protected from the elements and sharp objects. They aren't designed to provide the stress-relieving comfort and breathability your feet need. So swap out shoes! This also extends the life of your shoes and gives them a chance to cool off.

2) I own less than a handful that are actually painful. But what they do to my backside and legs is worth every toe-curling second. All others are very comfortable and range from flats to 3" heels.

3) I store them in multiple places. Back of door (mine holds 18 pair), shoe rack in closet (holds 25), and small rack in bedroom (holds 12). Between those, I'm golden.

4) I'm a shoe snob. I figure a shoe costs $20 because that's how it will feel on your I do own some...but they're not worn nearly as much as more expensive ones. I'm a firm believer that if you buy quality, you'll have for a long time. Wal-Mart? Target? That, to me, isn't quite as quality. I find that the bottoms wear out faster, i get rips and tears, scuffs and lord knows what sooner. I also find that they become worn out or uncomfortable sooner. I'll admit, every so often you can find a good one.

But really.... spending a little bit more for real leather, more comfortable design elements, etc. is totally worth it. I'm a fan of Dillards, and online ordering. We have limited selection in our town... so getting a pair of shoes at a quality retailer elsewhere is my vote :x

5) I'm sorry if i irritated anyone.. i'm an bitter shoe hoe >< hehe.

nomz said...

hahahaha, thanks for commenting lady! Enjoyed your post, very much!


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