Wednesday, March 25, 2009

♫ Oh for the love of Towels!

Finding myself reaching too far, expecting too much, again. I hate it. I get in this slump, where I don’t like myself, and I expect everyone around me to fix it. Compliment me more, cook for me often, help me find direction, hug me tighter, tell me again...that you wont let me go or leave my side, even though I heard it another way five minutes ago. It’s a problem. It’s called "needy". And I hate this slump. It’s not only impossible to just jump out of, it takes a toll on everyone around me, and it’s the most unsatisfying emotion. Like, no matter how much everyone around me is doing everything right, I cant get happy.

I thought maybe I was over being that way. But no, it’s showing its ugly face again.

Have you ever gotten out of the shower just to realize you decided to clean the towel you wanted to use, and had to walk soaking wet across the room? That’s this feeling. This mood. This being. Uncomfortable, exposed, and hard to please. I mean really, once you get the towel, you’re still a grumpy over having to make the walk, plus you’re already half dry, so what’s the point? I keep begging everyone to be a towel, and then I complain because you’re hanging in the wrong place, or youre still damp, or you’re not soft enough.


So. I apologize. To all those that have to put up with "needy nomz". Im almost done. I promise. This stupid inner girl that likes to bare her ugly emotional garbage, will disappear again soon. In the mean time, feel free to leave me be, tell me to air dry. Hang in there {Ha!}, needy is almost through.

I must say that I do love that I have such an array of you. You "towels". I've got my tough ones that help me get up and brush it off...we'll call it, exfoliate my issues away. I've got the big fluffy pink girly ones that are forcing me to reach the inner girl. I've got my towels that I spend all day with (ew). There's a reason I leave you behind at the end of the day, it's nice that y'all come back all clean every morning! I've got my best towels that hang there waiting for me to use them whenever needed. I've got this new one that I cant get enough of..that is awesome at making life seem so much better, even for only for a few days at a time. Oooh and there's these two itty bitty ones that are so crazy colored that Im rarely left out there lonely or cold or sad. I've got the comfortable towels. The ones that have been around longer than me, and even though there's times I'd love to toss them out, I just cant part with them.

For the most part, y'all do your own laundry. You come back refreshed, ready for me to use you some more. I hope, that every now and then, I hang in there for you too.

Yours Truly,
{Needy} Nomz


Sazaran said...

I will always be your bounty softness, fresh-smelling, HOT PINK towel!

No need to feel that this needy phase is something we'll get sick of. Unless of course, it lasts for years and you use it for evil (but, you'd never do that). Because, sista, what goes around comes around and soon I'm sure you'll be able to be the fluffy, frilly, best-to-snuggle-in towel around!

Loves ya!

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