Thursday, March 26, 2009

♫ Disclaimer: I have OCD.

And a therapist. Probably another secret most of you don’t know...I have a therapist. A result of a failed attempt at marriage counseling, that turned out to be so lovely that I cant get enough of her. Everyone should have one. I also think everyone has a bit of OCD. Read this list, tell me Im wrong.

She tells me I {probably} have OCD, which is close enough to officially. Let me explain, to protect myself from offending you when I start playing with your stuff.

#1. Magnets on the fridge must be either perfectly aligned or misaligned in a way that it looks obvious they were done so.
#2. The food on my plate, cannot touch. I will use three different plates, or take three different trips, if I have to. Thanksgiving, is a royal pain in the @$$
#3. My sheets are clean. They get washed once a week. If I tend to sleep over often, I’ll probably clean yours.
#4. My kitchen has to be clean, or I cant sleep. Like, dishes done, and the countertops and cupboards Lysol’d.
#5. I hate it when people play with doors. You, close, open, close. Kids are particularly bad about this, but everyone does it. LEAVE THE DOOR ALONE. It’s TIRED.
#7. I am compulsive when Im stressed out. I either eat compulsively, shop compulsively, or drive compulsively. Which tends to make me a fun companion, but also a pain...because I cant sit still.
#8. My CD’s are arranged by genre, and are usually alphabetized.
#9. I have a massive personal bubble. My love-ly co-workers love to invade just to watch me cringe and fidget. Not a hugger. Sorry.
#10. When Im stressed out, bored, or not pre-occupied, I will clean. Your house if needed. {This is the part that you shouldn’t get offended. It’s not that your house is dirty, it’s that I must keep moving.}
#11. I will probably arrange your clutter when I run out of my own.
#12. I carry those cute little hand sanitizers with me, everywhere. My poor kids think it’s lotion and already cant get enough of it.
#13. If I use something in the morning to fix my hair, I will *panic*, all day long, thinking I forgot to unplug it.
#14. All my canned goods, are categorized by a. fruits, veggies, or soup, and b. must all face out.
#15. Pssst. Apparently OCD people have higher sexual tendencies. Im not admitting to anything, Im just sayin...
#16. Im sounding a bit freak-like and high maintenance so I am stopping this list.

The good news is, your life will be a little cleaner with me around. I am actually probably one of the lowest maintenance girls you’ll ever meet. Im a girl that loves to be outdoors. Im not afraid to get dirty, in fact, prefer it. I am just particular about certain things. You probably wont notice most of this when Im around, all Im asking is that you don’t be offended when I start scrubbing your walls. Or organizing your cabinets. Or arranging your fridge magnets.

Yours Truly,


Reese said...

OMGosh... don't laugh, but now that you mention it, I'm TOTALLY paranoid when using the oven.

I have to get up a 2nd time each time i peek in at whatever is baking....

Not because I need to double check the food... it's because i'm constantly worried a cat jumped in without me knowing and is being baked alive in there..

I'm so horrible. I bow to your OCDness.

Sazaran said...

I want a therapist so I can find out if I have a useful disorder :)

bill said...

I respect your OCD, I have to make sure my outlets are unplugged before I leave the house, (everything except computer tv and coffee maker) toaster oven microwave any any other appliance will be unplugged each and everyday. I also need to make sure my keys are in a certain spot when i come home and I also arrange my food in my cabinet a certain way.

The can opener coffee maker all have to be in a certain area, i am driving my brother crazy (he just moved in temporarily.)

Nomz said...

w00t! Im not alone! :D Thanks for reading!


Jill W. said...

Oh.My.Gosh. I thought I was the only one!!! I laughed out loud when I saw outlet one!!! I have literally turned around and driven back home to check my curling iron, water faucet, or whatever else I *though* I left on, even after I had already checked it 100 times!

And YES- I love organzing CDs, DVDs, spices, whatever! Organizing is actually something I consider something of a hobby- it's fun!
Since I've been at the vet clinic, I think I've systematically re-organzied every barn, closet, cabinet, room, shelf, etc! They laugh at me...

Anyway, not sure there is any hope for us, but at least we're not alone! =)


Anonymous said...

Can you please come and practice #11 at a little ranchette on Surrey Road?

Anonymous said...

I heard Dr Phil say once that OCD is fine as long as it does not alter your families lives in any way. At that point I stopped vaccumuing under your crib at 5 in the morning!

your mother

Nomz said...

I would love to come organize your clutter mom! Or...sis? Ha. Not sure which one posted that, but I AM THERE!

Thanks for commenting Jill, I had no idea we had so much in common. ;)


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