Monday, March 16, 2009

We shall call this day, “Loverly Nomz” Day.

I just wanted to share how great she is in every way. When I first met Nomz, I was a little leery. Not sure why, she just came off as a confident woman (I might also be that I replaced her, when she went on maternity leave). But, over the last three-ish years of working with her and getting to know her- I must say, she is that gem of a human being that God created to give the world just a little more sparkle. Here are some little flashes of light I would like to point out:

*She’s a trucker. I’m not talkin’ about the dirty, slightly-off ones. I’m talking about, in life, in general. Things don’t slow her down; they don’t intimidate her either. I want to be like that.

*Even when things aren’t the easiest for her, she always smiles. And is always nice; I just don’t know how she does it.

*She’s my own personal pediatrician. I call her before I call my own doctor. For one, she remembers my name. And secondly, her experience and advice haven’t failed me yet. And, she’s free. I like free.

*Her legs are fantastic. Don’t take this the wrong way- we’ve, many times, made the decision to swap boobies for legs. I’d much rather give mine up to have hers.

*Everyone likes her. Everyone. She just has a way with people- they can’t help but like her.

*On those days when you feel like a thick, heavy fog has moved in an taken residence in your brain, affecting your thoughts and your mood- she picks up on it and works her skilz to bring out the sunshine.

*If you haven’t been reading this blog, or that song that she posted, do it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the talent that oozes from those fingertips.

*Her children adore her and so they should; she is a wonderful mama. Definitely a mama I want to be like.

*Change doesn’t scare her; in fact, she embraces it. Even when it’s me, trying to get her to buy pretty, metallic pointy-toed shoes. She’ll try anything once. Right, Nomz?? *wink*

There are oh so many more qualities that this lady has, but I’m not sure our blog is big enough to fit all her praises into. Also, I wanted to give *you* an opportunity to share the wonderful way Nomz has touched your life. Bring it on… enjoy, Nomz. :)

We love ya!

3 comments: said...

- She has that wonderful, "down home" sort of attitude where she just makes people comfortable no matter what.

- She's raising the most brilliant little blonde people to ever grace the world (well, at least since Naomi was their age.) These girls have manners, a vocabulary and the ability to melt an entire movie theater full of patrons.

- No matter what life decides to add to her plate, she arranges to accommodate it & make it all work.

I haven't known you long at all, darling, but I already delight in your wonderful company & can't wait to enjoy more of it!


Anonymous said...

You left out just how intelligent she is! I didn't get to work with her too long because she left me for a better position (no hard feelings, Nomz), but she excels in anything she does. She's constantly coming up with new ideas and it's great to still be able to work with her even if she's not on my team anymore. :) ~WendyC

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Thanks ladies! :} This all means so much!

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