Monday, March 23, 2009

The Things We Tell Our Kids

Rase and I were reminiscing, this weekend, ‘bout our childhood and the stories our parents used to tell us. Not stories of dragons and damsels-in-distress, but about little while lies that made us feel better about a sad situation or explained the unexplainable.

Remember being a five year old, with a new pretty balloon in hand? I would always choose pink or red. And my mom would tie the end into a little slip-knot to strap to my wrist. My loyal balloon would then follow me, loyally, wherever I chose to travel. But, every once in a while, that knot would come a little too lose and my treasure would slip joyously away- to float off on its own little adventure. Watching it float off into oblivion my little heart would just break (I was and am to this day and very sentimental person). So, to make me feel better about the balloon, my dad would tell me that it was on its way to heaven, to go play with the “baby angels”. Since they didn’t have balloons up there in Heaven, mine would be a special treat for them. Aww, how nice of me! I truly did believe it and it truly did help my little breaking heart to mend faster. Until the next balloon.

Broccoli were “baby trees”- which I gleefully ate like a scary, ravaging giant.

Upon turning up my nose at chicken fingers, a hamburger or a turkey sandwhich I was informed, “Sarah, that chicken (cow, turkey, etc.) died just for you.” Guilt

Anyway, that got me to thinking- what little fibs am I going to tell my kids? What about what other parents? What might they tell their kids? Stories must be as different as the freckle count for any family. So, let me know! I wanna hear your silly stories about growing up and which ones you have made up or passed along to your offspring. :)


Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Oooooh our good friend "A" told my kids the other day, that my purse was sleeping. So they would stop digging through it. She even made cool snore sounds and everything. Sweet!

My girls are so young that I dont have a lotta stories on what I tell them. Im even having a hard time coming up with stuff I was told when I was little.

I need to work on my creativity with the kids I think. Hmmm....


Ashley! said...

My Mom could usually connive my brother & I into doing pretty much anything if she timed us. Cleaning our rooms, being quiet in the car; everything was suddenly fun if it was associated with, "I'll time you!" and we had some kind of goal to work toward.

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