Friday, March 13, 2009


Yeah... admit it. ;)


Sarah said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This photo must have been taken in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Naahhh (taken in Texas). I'm betting on Wyoming. After all, we did prove that we were the crispiest cracker state during the election.

Anonymous said...

disturbing and offensive. goodbye forever daily offensive.

Sazaran said...

YES!!!! We finally lost a reader to our political opinions!!! :)

Sazaran said...

P.S.... I'm surprised- you- didn't leave earlier. Don't you *read* our blog??!? HAHAHAHA!!

simply nikki said...

Whether I agree or disagree (with the statement, not the fact that you posted it) I still think it's funny. However, we chose him as our president, no need for disrespect.

Sazaran said...

This isn't disrespectful, it's an observation. A disrespectful blog would be something along the lines of, "What do you get when you put lipstik on a pig?" You know, those sort of disrespectful sayings.

But, no. This is just an observation-cough-fact.

Anonymous said...

Awesome I laughed so hard, so true

Anonymous said...

These are pretty funny, too! LOL! You should post them to your blog as well! More observation-snort-facts.

Sazaran said...

Sorry, this is our blog, not yours.


If you're that jealous of our freedom of speech, start your own!

Anonymous said...

It was just a suggestion. The declination once again proved the insincerity of being open to great discussions, arguments and strong opinions. Unless they're yours of course. Thanks for making my point. Outa, outa, gone.

bill said...

lmao, if Obama is a mistake what was George Bush, a disaster? One person (Obama) wants to jump start the economy while trying to repair US image over seas and get American troops away from danger from where they never should have been.

The other (George Bush) started a war err invaded a soverign country, in which we had no business or reason for invading the country. He let the economy fall into despair we have not seen in 30 years. He tried to take away americas freedoms by wire tapping americans with no court order, broke every rule we tried to uphold in the geneva accords.

if Obama is a mistake i will take that mistake every time. He is the best man for the job no questions no doubt about it.


bill said...

Oh I forgot to add: in less than 60 days Obama has accomplished alot.

1) Got a stimulus package to pass and we can see the stock market react in a positive way the last week, so economy is looking promising.

2)Obama stopped the tourture camps at Guatanomo Bay,

3) Has a plan to pull American troops out of Iraq and has a plan for Afganistan, unlike the former President.

4) Has opened up stem cells for researchers, finally we may see break throughs in the next 10 years in treatment or cures of many deadly diseases,

So in less than 60 days he has started to reverse 8 years of incompetance.

Way to go Obama!!


Nomz said...

I must admit, those other links posted by that anonymous person, were quite amusing.

It's easier I think, to poke fun at things we believe, it's harder to laugh at something we're passionate about. I loved McCain and Palin, but you gotta admire creativity at it's best, even when it's poking fun. Thus why this picture was posted, just because you dont agree with it, doesnt mean you cant laugh at it. And yes, the disclaimer where it was found said it was in the South, not Texas I dont think, Alabama maybe.

Bill, you've made excellent points, as always. But he's also made some pretty serious mistakes too, in my opinion. We cant expect anybody to be perfect, especially Obama (ha!), no Im kidding, more...especially the president. He's got quite the job to do, and doing it the best he can. No I dont like him, but Im supporting him, it's what we gotta do to get through this.

Whew. I didnt think a small picture would get such a rise, miss Sazaran. Thanks for posting it! ;) And, thank you anonymous, for participating, sorry that our title defending blog, offended you. Cant say we didnt warn you... :)

With love,

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