Friday, February 27, 2009

♫ Why my three year old has all power.

Once upon a random Thursday:

#1. She has an eye infection. Makes mamma a little weak and sad anyway. When it comes to eye drop time: "Kyanne, let’s put some drops in your eyes". Quickly covers them up with both hands and says "Nooooo they’re already better, they’re already better!!!!!!!!!". "Come on Kyanne, move your hands, it wont hurt I promise"...Kyanne: "Only for chocolate."

#2. Helping mamma cook macaroni. Scrambles under the counter to get the pot holder (because everyone should require the assistance of pot holders for all macaroni cooking. New rule.)...we get in a pot holder war. You know Like pillows, only not. Mamma: hits Kyanne with pot holder across the side of her head. Kyanne "mamma! You think you’re tough stuff?!??!"

#3. Playing with her favorite aunt on my comfy green chair. Whoa. Back up the truck. First...the girl accessorizes. And therefore notices when others do. My sister was in the room for a whole three seconds before she says "OOooooh you gotta new purse!!!!!, wannnnt some macaroni?!". :} Back to the comfy chair with said sister. "Kyanne, what are you doing?!", Kyanne: "putting my elbow, in your booboo". You get it.

Homeskillets, im so glad this was one doodle that couldn’t be undid. There is something about my angels that I am determined I couldn’t live without. God knew I was doing life outta order, but I think he arranged it that way on purpose. He knew, that come alone time 2009, I would need them to keep me stepping.



Danielle said...

And not to forget.... "What are you doing with my phone?". "Gettin my fingers ready!" :) :) :)
Those two are my joy.

Sazaran said...

Awwwwwwwwww. I can't wait until Malachi is as cute as Kyanne ;)

AMH615 said...

Sounds like you are going to be busy trying to outwit this one! How adorable is she? And kids definitely give us a reason to keep on keeping on!

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Thanks for commenting! Yes indeed, I forsee quite the challenge for the next....20 years. :D

Great photo blog by the way! The ice on the trees was quite amazing!


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