Monday, February 9, 2009

♫ Protest on Valentine's Day

Confession: This girl thinks that Valentine’s Day is the worst holiday ever created, founded, thought of, and celebrated. Not because Im bitter and lonely, but because it’s a lame excuse to spend entirely too much money because you feel like you “have to”.

I’ve never been alone on Valentine’s Day. And im not sure that I’ve ever begged or pleaded for a gift, or even a celebration.

P.S. (weird spot for a PS but I need the guy's attention before I lose it completely). GUYS-if we get bored, you dont get any. Period. Your sex life will continue to diminish as your creativity does. Just FYI.

In my opinion, what happens on Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love, should happen randomly throughout the year, rather than it be a required yearly tradition on one day. The crowds in the restaurants are ridiculous. The jewelry stores go nuts. Girls go crazy. Flower sales go through the roof (really, who spends all those dollars on something that keels over days later?!), etc. Wouldn’t it more sentimental, more sweet, more of a celebration, if the guy came up with it on a day all his own?

Confession: I like flowers. I do not love flowers. I love lily’s, but don’t expect nor want them often. I get so sad when they are done blooming. Someone should make fake flowers that look real, that smell good! Oh…you know, I think they do? But for some reason…mean less?

I think V-Day is an excuse for a woman to get sappy, a man to get in trouble, and businesses to make unnecessary money on dying things. ;)

Done bah-humbugging. I know that most of us don’t have men that think of something randomly throughout the year. But really, if you didn’t remind them, would they remember V-day?! Doubt it. The guys that actually remember the holiday, and actually plan something special, are generally pretty good at planning stuff the rest of the year too (please, please, correct me if im wrong).

If someone is making you feel special because of a holiday, are they really doing it for you? Hmmm…

Instead of the holiday, make up your own between the two of you! Say “love of my life, every odd Thursday of every third month, let’s do dinner and flowers and a football game!”…ok, so all that they’ll remember outta that sentence is “football game”, but the point is, you can make time for each other without society putting a label on it. You can say once a quarter, we’re going out. Plan it in advance, put four reminders in his cell phone, on the mirror in the bathroom and in his car, and make sure he is full of flattery, good scented, and gift in hand (a single flower or small token will do, gents).

Let’s face it ladies, if we want and crave the romance, most of the battle is ours. Learn to take his small gestures are gratefully and celebratory as possible, he’ll keep doing it! ;) And, try to remember that they like to be flattered too! If you go above and beyond to cater to something you know they love and live for, they’ll notice and feel guilty enough to return the favor.

Wanna join me in the protest, or do you really actually enjoy this holiday?

Not much of a romantic myself, but will continue on my quest in finding fun ideas to keep things alive in a relationship:

Fun list of romantic ideas (you can only read these if you add your own):

Get some dry-erase markers. They write all over mirrors well and clean easily. Keep’m by the sink so they’lll remember to use them!

Go for a drive. Crazy how jammin’ out to some good music, sitting in the middle seat (or holding hands across the middle) can rekindle things.

When he’s zoned out in front of the TV/Computer/Video Games, blow in his ear, kiss his neck, wrap him up in you. (note: not every time, you’ll probably push it a bit)

Buy him something you hate, but he loves (or visa versa)!

Get outta town. The same streets and restaurants can keep your romantic life style dryyyyyyy. Rent a cheap hotel in another town for a night and kick it up!

Write a really cheeeezy poem. One that shows your rhymin skillz but getting the point across (Roses are Blue, even tho that aint true, I love you). :}

When you go shopping for your favorite thing, get them something too (your girl may hate sports, but if you get us anything we’ll love it)

Go camping... Forget one sleeping bag!

Go for a walk at night, even if it's a cold night. Good conversation will be had!

Go to a scary movie (don’t make each other suffer through man and chick flicks), scary will keep you both interested, and close. ;)



Linda in Cody! said...

Agreed Nom!!! We don't celebrate V-Day cause I've always felt the same's just an excuse or day in Feburary for a guy to "try and make up" for all the dumb ass things hes done throughout the year! Just say NO to V-day!!!

Anonymous said...

How can you not LOVE a day that gives you the opportunity to show yet more affection for your kids, grandkids, and partner? I grasp it! (I think you've already benefited with a Happy V-Day phone card). I love Valentines Day. It's a noble opportunity to reach out to the ones that make you happiest.

Anonymous said...

I would BAN halloween if I could. I hate all the candy and the money spent.

amstromer said...

People often forget February 14 is SAINT Valentine's Day, the celebration of a day in which a man gave up his life for the love of God. We all spend too much at Christmas as well, too often forgetting the meaning behind it all. Each day is what we make it, not what the media says it should be or twists it into.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh good point amstromer!

Anonymous said...

As a male I tend to fall into a routine.... Although I dislike V-day I do think that it is a good idea to have a day that reminds us to be romantic and show others that they are special.. for me it is more of a reminder to get in touch with my feelers and express them.. As for an idea of what I would like to do is, have a romantic dinner for two cooked together and maybe even melting chocolate and dipping fruits while feeding them to each other... Anyone want a date?? :)

Sazaran said...

My hopeless romantic tendencies cause me to love Valentine's Day more than hate it. Although, I do agree with Nomz that lovers should do nice things for eachother all year long rather than feel obligated to do it just one day a year.

I do LOVE it, though, when unlikely couples get married on V's Day. I know a couple couple who did so and it SO gosh darn cute! :)

Ashley! said...

I hate the hype surrounding Valentine's Day—because honestly, the flowers & candy & fluff are great and all, but not if the associated warm fuzzy feelings disappear the morning of the 15th to hibernate until next year—but I love the idea of a day about love.

My love and I always just try to celebrate by doing something mildly extravagant; usually we just go out to dinner and completely spoil ourselves with expensive entrees, drinks and desserts. (And cards. The boy knows words are the way to my heart.)

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