Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Forgive me, but I'm in a bit of a blogging rut with a blogging block tied to my ankles. So, I've decided to let you have a little peak into 25 things that make me, ME! These 25 things are random and a little funny; hey, what better ingredients are there to make a blog?

1. I admit it, I'm done hiding it- I like Britney Spears :)

2. I have at least 25 handbags- it's a fetish for me. I see one and I suddenly cannot live without it.

3. Milk and cereal is probably the single funnest (yes, funnest) song to sing.

4. There's something about the back of a baby's head that reminds me how innocent they are.

5. I've had every hair style you can imagine: red, black, blond; short, long, medium; straight, curly, kinky; layers, all one length, bangs and all mixed and matched.

6. If I could live in any house, it would be a tiny ocean front condo. I would sacrifice storage space for waking up to the sound of waves, any day.

7. I'm 5'2", 110lbs and I have birth to a 9lb 3oz baby boy. Ouch.

8. I absolutely love talking to women about their pregnancies, deliveries and parenting experiences...

9. ... thus my desire to be a labor and delivery nurse.

10. My first spoken word was "pretty".

11. When I get excited about a story I'm telling, I have the bad habit of forcing all of the words out of my mouth at the same time. Usually, the story gets all miscombobulated, I studder and even completely skip entire words. Then, I have to tell the same story all over- slowly.

12. I've traveled to: Africa, England, Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong. Sydney, Australia was by far the most exciting experience ever- I helped direct a play in the Sydney SuperDome!

13. One summer, when I was about 12 years old, I read close to 40 books! No... I was NOT a nerd! ;)

14. I married the boy I had my very first crush on. Awwww.

15. I cannot stand it when people manipulate to get what they want; it's the lowest plan of action possible.

16. There's a rebellious streak that runs though the Kremer blood and a resistance to conform- I definitely inherited it.

17. I wish C.S. Lewis were my grandfather. I would sit and talk with him and ask him questions for hours and hours and hours...

18. I HATE pooping. If I could never poop again in my entire life, I would be totally okay with that.

19. I believe you can never have too many dangling, pretty earings.

20. My favorite show is America's Next Top Model, but I cannot stand Tyra Banks.

21. My biggest fear used to be needles, after being poked about 103 times during and after my pregnancy, I'm not afraid of them anymore.

22. If I could, I would be a baby making machine. Scooby Doo is only 8 months and already I'm having thought of another baby.

23. If I could steal anyone's wardrobe, it would most definitely be Kate Hudson's.

24. I share a birthday with Frank Sinatra and a personality type with Carol Burnett.

25. I don't know why I like mermaids, I just do.


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