Friday, February 20, 2009

♫ Ah Hem...Is this thing on?

Having a hard time concentrating today. Might be a bad case of the Fridays, might be my head exploding with too many thoughts. Either way, writing is probably the best way to cure both.

More about me. Because Im sure y'all wanna hear me talk more about myself right?

** I get highly stressed when the people around me are stressed. Have you ever gotten a piece of news, or a scary thought, that left you spinning, ears ringing? That's how I get, every time my closest of the close get stressed or upset. So...when I havent heard from my family for a while, my beaute of a BFF is feeling irritated, sad, or upset, my girls are unbalanced and outta routine, or something goes haywire with any of my best of the best, my head spins. This is me, telling you I love you, by the way. You just stress me out! Guess it's only fair, Im sure Im not gentle on the brain either. So thanks, for loving me enough to be stressed out back.

** I got earth-shattering news this week. The lovely lady that watches my girls, can no longer continue doing so. Change is healthy. And I know everything happens for a reason, but oh lordy was that hard to hear. The girls love her SO much. Her family is truly amazing. Im blessed for having her in my life when I did, and I wish her the best. In the mean time...anybody wanna babysit???? If not, pray for me. She's gonna be hard to top.

**. I tend to go through phases...I go from loving the city, to down-home-country girl...and Im headed back to country and fast. Im having horse-withdrawals, country music needs, and swing dancing dreams. :} Country folk, bear with me, I'll be back soon.

** Sazaran and I are about to write a blog about our most embarrassing moments {Her idea, isnt she brilliant?}. Prepare yourselves, this is gonna be good. In the mean time, if you have anything you wanna share, we'd be happy to broadcast yours as well! ;)

** Im developing a new love for bubble baths. My OCD kicks in every time, and I have to take a shower when Im done, but there is something in them that leaves me inspired. And lucky for me, after I wash myself off, that inspiration follows me outta the tub.

** Im getting antsy about a f-ant-sy camera. Im having serious photography withdrawals, and will have one soon. It will be my next know, when I get all caught up and rich. Or when one of my devoted followers donates one, either way.

** Im still trying to figure out what is sexy about vegetables. I see that everywhere...and I just dont get it. Ok, Im not completely outta the loop, I know there's resemblance, and can be used for...stuff. Officially turned off by all things cauliflower though.

** I watched Transformers this week for the first time. Yes, I know, Im behind on the times. Excellent flick. Highly recommend it for all you other behind-on-the-times folk. Im so going to have a little ankle biter named "Mojo" someday.

** Within the next year, I'd like to have a pretty set life plan. Im tired of being a quarter of a century old, with no future. Living on all ends of the spectrum has been quite awesome, but it's time to figure things out.

** I need a new cell phone. For me being so technologically advanced, it's quite pitiful. Accepting donations there too.

** My dogs head got smothered by my two year old the other night for two hours. Not kidding, or exaggerating. I think she thought it was the new form of cuddling, and actually soaked it up like-a sponge. It appeared, neither of them would have rather been in another place.

** Im finally going to start kickboxing. I close encounter, almost friend, cool-curly-haired-co-worker, has inspired me and might allow me to tag along. Something I've wanted to do for years. Look out y'all...all these "empty threats" are about to be made good.

** I cant get enough of social and viral marketing. Im going to get brilliant one of these days and find a way to tie it all in to my horses and get rich. Watch. All I need is a sexy accent and tight pants and I'll make it big, at least, that's what I hear.

Im going to fight the wind, take a walk, and kick this weekend in the pants. Happy Friday y'all.

Yours Truly,

Oh PS-remember to share your embarrassing moment if you want to be famous.


Sazaran said...

Speakin' of... did you think of your's yet???

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