Thursday, January 29, 2009

♫ The Silver Lining

A friend and me were talking today...and out of a chance conversation I got the best MasterCard-like commercial. I was saying, why is it that I dont want what's in my face, I want the things I cant have? He said, "It's not worth talking about what you've got, but to take something you cant get, get it, and make it your own, really is." Of course, that wasnt verbatim, but the point is, it seems human nature to want what we cant have. A bigger house, more animals, a more perfect husband (because let's face it, no matter how much we expect, no man is perfect). A better job, dark chocolate, high dollar wine and whiskey.

I was watching CNN last night. Surely you remember that flight that landed in the Hudson a few weeks ago? They did a special on a survivor, and how much he is appreciating everything he's got NOW. Why is it, that we dont appreciate what we've got, until it's either gone, or nearly?

Im not really sure where this is going, other than I really wish we could just be grateful for what we have. I understand not settling, probably as good as anybody. But look around and try to count what you've got, rather than what you dont. We all have to lose something, make sacrifices, but we dont have to assume we have nothing until we have everything either. If I lose everything but my angels, life couldnt be better.

We hear these "be grateful, be happy" shpeals all the time, but as I watch the news, and even look at my own attitude most days, I cant believe how greedy we are as a whole. We have our freedom, our family, and the right to say, do, and love, worship, anybody or anything we want without punishment from the law or otherwise (self inflicted aside).

Im grateful. Im trying to find something to be thankful for every single day. My angels. My dog. My cute little doll house. The smell of rain. Doris (my lovely car). My best friend. My comfy cuddler fat man couch. My crappy (but still there) tv. My music. The lily's sitting on my counter. My biggest challenge to myself lately though, is to take the things I've been least grateful...and find a way to look at them in a different light.

There is someone in my near vicinity daily that I cannot stand. Inspired by some of my fellow meeting go-ers that feel the same, I am trying to find the best in that person. Be grateful for what she does contribute. Try to realize that there is a purpose to her being in my life.

I am challenging you. Just as those motivational speakers, book authors, pastors, and annoyingly optimistic friends do. I am challenging you to find something to look forward to, a reason to get up every morning, the silver everything, especially the things that grate your last nerve, pour salt in your wounds, and drive you bonkers. Find a way to be grateful for those things, and the rest will come easy. We all have to find a way to save some money in a crappy economy, and find a way to stick together as things have the possibility of getting worse.

I want to hear your responses to this...what bugs you that you're going to try and enjoy. Your goals. Even you, anonymous jerk, that insists on being pessimistic. Of course we wanna hear your side of this too!



Sarah said...

Wow! Thanks for the words of wisdom; I totally needed that today! After a long hard day, It is hard to come home to my little house with my family and not wish I was more successful. Thanks for reminding me to be grateful for all the blessings in my life.

I think I battle most with the expectations that I have of myself versus those others have for me. All too often, people associate happiness with acheivment, and forget that happiness is merely a state of mind. Happiness is an emotion that is much more easily reached with the help of a positive attitude and God, than any psychotropic medication on the market. But a positive attitude is hard to come by in this society, when we are reminded daily about everything we want and don't have and not focussed on all the wonderful things that we already do have. Thanks for shifting the focus!

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