Thursday, January 8, 2009

To my son

To my son,

Other than Salvation, you are the greatest gift that our Lord has given me. All my life I dreamt of what my little boy would be like. From the moment I knew you were growing in me, I knew I could never feel a more pure love for someone I had never met. When you arrived into this world, it was not easy for me. But, your eyes, your lips, your smile made the intensity of my pain a distant dream compared to the intensity of the love I have for you.Through you, I am learning what the love of Christ is like. It's totally and completely unconditional- the way I love you.

Despite of my love for you, I know I will never be a perfect parent the way our Father is toward us. I never want you to hurt, be insecure, or feel ashamed of who you are. I fear your disappointment in me or what you have been given in life. If I could, I would hide you away from all of the ugly or damaging things in this world. But, I know I can't. So, I pray for you. I pray that the Lord will guard your heart and your mind. I pray that He will tuck you under His wings and make you strong in Him.

Please know that I have dedicated you to The Father. Though you were born of my flesh and blood, you are not mine but, His. I have promised Him that I will love you and teach you His ways. I will not always know what is best for you, but I will always want what is best for you. I will not always know God's will for you, but I will always pray with you to seek His will. And I will not always make the best decisions on your behalf, but my heart is yours completely and all I do, I do for you.

I love you more than my own life... I cannot wait to watch you grow up to discover all the things the Lord has for you. You are His, remember that. We are His and He gave us to eachother. I think we make a pretty good mama and baby, don't you? :)

Love, Your Mama


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