Thursday, January 22, 2009

Heavenly Perspectives: Blam! You’re in a Castle?

This post is fully opinion based. Im not going to quote the Bible, and I don’t want that in the responses. I want to know, where do you go when you die? If you believe you are going to heaven/hell, what will it look like? How do we get there? Will there be a stop along the way? In your mind, how do you picture it?

This one came from a few different inspirations. One of the responses on our suicide post mentioned that what if suicide is the last thing you do before you leave? Then my sister and I got to talking about it…

I believe, know even, that im going to heaven. I love my God with my whole heart, and nothing I do will change that. But I don’t believe in “Blam! You’re in a castle!” I don’t think that you die, and wake up in your paradise. I think it’s a trip. I think there are “Pearly Gates”. I think Jesus meets you at those gates and says “come sit on my lap, let’s look over your life together.” Streets of gold, smelling like rain, beautiful music, cloud jumping, pretty earrings (or shoes) (hey it’s said that you wont NEED material possessions, doesn’t mean you wont still love them right?), story time with the angels…ultimate satisfaction and love. No more emptiness, loneliness, or desires.

I think the pits of Hell are exactly opposite. I think it will be the utmost torture, in addition to physical pain beyond imagination, you will be tortured by your biggest fears (not the deep water, getting buried alive, elephant seals, or monsters), but loneliness, emptiness, dying alone, etc. I think the devil is not a being, but a creature that can morph himself into the depths of your soul.

Again, this is more of a poll of your imaginations. Where are you going? What’s it like when you get there?


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Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

My house in heaven will DEFINITELY be a beach condo.


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