Friday, January 2, 2009

Dont Pick Your Toes!

A lighter blog to share a Christmas pic with ya.

Ok…another pet peeve of this OCD chick…picking your toes. In front of people. Anywhere near where other people have to sit, or eat. And it’s especially disgusting if you use your mouth. I cant stand feet. There is just something about them…maybe it’s because mine are so atrocious. I don’t want to see them, smell them, I hate it when you stare at mine (because I get all self conscious about my second toe and atrociousness), and I don’t want you touching them for sure. Pedicure? Never. No thank ya. Ew. Anyway.

To clarify, little girl picking her toes in her jammies: adorable.

Any older than say 4…you’ve crossed the line of knowing better and it being disgusting. Don’t dooooo it!



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