Friday, January 2, 2009

Love, your beloved patrons

I feel slightly antagonistic this morning. Might just be the wind, might just be the way my Facebook account was spammed. Bitches.

Anyway, I have compiled a list of businesses that Rase and I have affectionately renamed here in Cheyenne. Feel free to laugh... and add some of your own. :)

1: Old Shootcago (Old Chicago...)
2: Awful Garden (Olive Garden)
3: Gotta-lotta-Haira (Guatalajara)
4: Circuit Shitty (Circuit City)
5: Applebutts (Applebees)
6: Murder King (Burger King)
7: Came Apart (K-Mart)
8: Taco Hell (Taco Bell)
9: Wendy's Nuts In Your Mouth (Wendy's)
10: Grubway (Subway)
11: Sierra Trades Pot
12: Dickmonalds (McDonalds)
13: Squirt n Scram (Kum N Go)
- We also have Jiz N Jet... I mean, c'mon they're just asking for it!!
14: Country Butt Face (Country Buffet)
15: Wobbly Cart (Walmart)
16: King Poopers (King Soopers)


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