Wednesday, January 28, 2009

♫ Student Auctioning off Virginity

A student from California is going to an extreme to pay the tuition bills. Brilliant, bright, and beautiful, auctioning off her virginity. Check it out:

Virginity for Auction

I find it interesting more than anything. Scary that our economy is in the shape it's in, and we're willing to throw this kind of money at a one night stand with some girl. Not a celebrity, not love, just a random one night stand...I think, more than anything, it's a shot at the spotlight, a momentary spotlight.

What are your thoughts on this?



Anonymous said...

I say good for her - she has something that's highly valued by other people, and she's obviously going to get every penny it's worth. As for the men bidding on it, I think they're idiots - if you have that much to spend and really want to deflower a virgin (although I can't imagine why you'd want to), troll the local college campus. Not that I'm suggesting anyone do that, it just seems like a cheaper option.

And as for me - I'd hit that. But I'm poor. So I can't.

Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Diabolical. To think that some women are kidnapped and sold in the sex slave market- while this young woman is offering herself for millions...


Anonymous said...

To think that there are people willing to work on farms, when for so long young men and women were ripped from their homes in Africa and forced to work on plantations in America... I for one hope that no one - man, woman, white, black, hispanic - will ever do farm work again.

Or we could recognize that being forced to do something and voluntarily doing it are, perhaps, two completely different things.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think it it is a little ironic that she is paying for her masters in Family and Marriage therapy?!?!

Anonymous said...

I was not a virgin when I got married, but I wish I would have been. The man I married is the only one I have ever been with however, and I am so glad I dont have to deal with the consequences of knowing what its like to be with other men. Some say Im am missing out, I say I am blessed to not have to struggle with the thoughts. I guess Ill never know.

I feel sorry for this girl. She is selling her soul.

Anonymous said...

"She'll get every penny it's worth"? Please! How much would ever be enough for those of us who gave it away before we should have?! Or better yet, how much we would pay to GET IT BACK and give it to someone we truly love?

However, I feel I need to ask about the parents of this girl and blame them, if anyone. In what sort of environment was she raised that she has so little self-respect, she believes this is the only thing she has to offer that is worth anything?

Anonymous said...

Blame the parents? The parents have no control of the decisions this child is making. Pahleeeeez.
Even children raised in exceptional environments make decisions that are stupid.
I hate it when people blame the parents after the child has left the home and is making their own choices.
Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Look, I agree that just because my mom slapped me for disobeying her when I was 8 doesn't give me the right to be a serial killer. Got it. But I seriously believe that this girl has low self-esteem; from whence does that stem in your opinion? That is her parents should be held accountable for, not her decision to prostitute herself, which if you read carefully, is what I said.

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