Friday, January 23, 2009

Life happens, and tends to leave you spinning...

Just a few updates on Nomz:

*I am surrounded by more friends than I ever realized I had. It’s always ironic how when life takes its turns, you can look around and see who’s still standing by your side. I dont know what I would do without my fellow show-stoppin best friend, my partner-in-bloggin & shoppin’ sista, my Jo, my Sir, my Otter. My co-coffee drinkers and meeting goers. My family, and my God. My dog. My girls. {disclaimer: these are not in order of importance}

*I am {thankfully} currently working at Sierra Trading Post . A grand company most of the time...filled with the best people I’ve ever met. Ever wonder what I sound like? Call in and talk to the love-ly customer service. I am the telephone operator that says "thank you for holding, the next available representative...blah blah blah." Yes, I am living up to my dream of being a call girl. ;)

*I am reading "The Shack": Strangely good. Hard to explain, "wayyyy out there" but a neat perspective on the Christian walk.

*I have a therapist. There. I admitted it. I cant get enough of my therapist. Not because im that crazy, but because she really is healing. I think it should be a requirement on the path of life to see one, just once even. The world would be a more peaceful place if nothing else.

*I have a Coach bag. Thank you said fellow show-stoppin best friend. I never thought I’d own one...not because I don’t like them, just never understood why they were so expensive. Moving up in the world. And officially a bit of an addiction started. Im going to sell them {be looking for sales pitches SOON}!

*I have one of the trippiest, quirkiest houses ever. New to me, built in the early 1900’s...I think it used to be a garage, and is affectionately known as "the doll house".Oh yeah, and it's attached to a hair salon. Perfection.

*I have discovered Twitter. How does one describe Twitter? It’s like...walking around the house naked with the curtains open and asking the neighbors to look in. They’re status updates, allowing everyone you know, and don’t know, to know what’s going on in the life of you. Took me a while to catch on, but also strangely addicting, and an awesome source for networking, career info, and news findings. You can find me here: Nomz and Sazaran here: Sazaran.

*Music is inspiring to me. I am learning to play guitar very soon {thank you said co-coffee drinker and meeting leader}, and eventually will write and sing my own stuff. You know, Coyote Ugly style {please tell me you've seen that movie}.

*I love change. Thrive on change even. I plan on doing something really extreme with my hair SOON. Debating going to the dark side. Or living vicariously through my hair, and going short.

*My biggest life change happened within the last month. It’s been absolute torture, and also soul-freeing. We’ll see where this road goes, but either way, it’s a learning, growing experience and I look forward to the ride ahead. Open heart, open mind, and wings spread, looking to fly.



Anonymous said...

At least you still hold your head up high and walk with pride, good for you.

Sazaran said...

I like your updates, you should do these once a month or so. :)

I'm SO glad to have you for a friend, too!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you have found an outlet, and a person you can open up to. I pray she is a wise person, spiritually. There are some lulu's out there that sound just great, but are poison. Take care friend!
-Your Texas Friend

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