Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Mommy's Prayer

Dear Jesus Im on my knees
Begging you to take my girls under your wing
Keep them from following in my steps
Protect them from making the same mistakes

So innocent and brave don’t let it be squandered
Keep their high on life true, don’t let their hearts wander
May they have faith in you, and you alone
May the life in their eyes never be gone

Protect their hearts, never let them feel broken
Never allow lonely to sneak in or overtake them,
A laugh in their hearts, a light in their eyes
Please God be there, forever their guide

We see the moon and the stars and give you the praise
Guide their eyes and hearts so that doesn’t change
Keep an arm around them so they never lose that view
The songs they sing, let them be forever for You

God let them know that no matter where this road leads
That they are adored, protected, embedded in love



Anonymous said...

I have been praying this type of prayer for you while I take a shower everyday for the last 25 years :)

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