Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Storm

Have you ever had that dream that occurs over and over in the exact same detail? I swear, I have a mini series of dreams- sometimes, I dream in re-runs and other times it’s a whole new dream with the same characters and surroundings. I love the way my mind works.

Anyway, I had a really cool dream a while back and I turned it into a short story. Hope you like it:

Standing atop a high mountain, overlooking expanse of earth below, she absorbed in the atmosphere around her; it was so serene… almost dream-like. She took a long, slow and deep breath.

The smell of the air just before rain.

Its clear, sweet scent enveloped her, surrounded her, filled her lungs and rushed back out as if in a hurry to rejoin its kin. With her arms slightly raised, fingers outspread and chin lifted, she welcomed tiny rain drops as they gently sprinkled upon each finger tip; her nose wrinkled at each kiss of the cloud’s droplets. She curled her toes and gripped the ground she stood upon; the grass felt soft beneath her.

Like standing on cool, green clouds.

As the wind picked up slightly, it lifted her brown locks above her shoulders and danced them around her face- each strand playing tag around her neck and along her back. Tiny goose bumps reacted to each raindrop carried by a hint of breeze that splashed on her arms, cheeks and legs.

Her eyes remained closed, until the moment she heard it.

A low rumble… thunder.

Her eyes sprang open and she scanned the horizon to the west of her mighty platform. An impressive array of clouds loomed dominantly; rolling over one another in a match to conquer more heavenly territory. She watched as each bolt of lightning reached to the earth and, for a moment, made contact. Never before had she seen such an amazing display of colors in a storm. Each lightening strike created a color only heaven could invent. They whipped, cracked, lashed and streaked against the sky with a wild and almost-angry performance.

There! Pink! Again- blue! Once more- purple!

Her heart began to beat faster.

What could cause this? What did it mean?

She turned to face the storm head on, to watch this glorious act of nature’s most beautiful- and deadly- pantomime. With each illumination, the hair on her neck stood on end and as she lifted her arm to eye level-the hair stood, simultaneously, as a bright pink bolt of lightning touched the ground and re-coiled.

This is no longer safe. You need to leave. Find shelter.

The thunder cracked- louder- and she flinched. She could see the enormous clouds now charging her way. They had become dark and cold; no longer adorned with a rainbow of colors.

Another thunder-clap, another streak of lighting shot toward her.


She spun around and looked for the easiest way down the mountain upon which she stood. The storm began to rumble in a threatening tone. Its silver lining and enticing candor now turned dark and menacing. She ran to the left, changed her mind and spun to the right. Where could she go?

Fear ripped through her mind and heart. She began racing down hill, careful not to lose her footing and fall. Rain began slapping and beating her; stinging like needles where kisses once teased. The wind opposed her like a brute force, determined to make her flight downward a nearly impossible task.

Her foot slipped and she slid down the mountain face. Her arms flew out to her sides as she searched for something to grab a hold of. Bushes and small shrubs offered no safety. She dug her palms and heels into the dirt; her skin tore with no resistance. After an agonizing few more feet, she finally came to a bloody and whimpering stop. Lying with her face in the dirt, she tried to catch her breath and silence her thoughts of panic.

The rain beat harder now, soaking her dress and hair. She lay there for a moment, tear streaked and out of breath.

Thunder- right overhead- loud and terrifying.

She rolled to one side and searched around for the bottom of the mountain; she was nearly there. Climbing to her knees she stood and stumbled down, over rocks and plants. With each shaky step she took, the earth fell after her- rocks lost their place attempting to make her lose hers.

A wind gust- forceful and bullying.

Forced onward, she staggered once more but didn’t fall. As her fear rose, so did her determination to get to the bottom of the mountain. She broke out into a run. She fell once, twice, three times- getting up every time with supernatural energy.

Finally her feet fell upon level ground. She ran toward the nearest building, sensing the storm at her heels and closing in on her hopes. She reached the first door and grabbed the handle.


She didn’t miss a beat. She ran for the next door- and the next.

All locked!

No other buildings were in sight- she didn’t recognize where she was. It didn’t matter; she did not want to die. Not like this- not in this storm that had once captured her imagination and then turned sinister.

A strong gust of wind picked her up like a giant hand with an invisible, iron grip and hurled her into the air. Higher and higher she rose, watching as the ground fall away like a dropping ball.

Higher and higher still, she rose as the unrelenting wind kidnapped her from the ground. Her gasps were caught in her throat as she raced upward toward the terrifying clouds.

J-Jesus! Jesus!

She tried to cry out but her lungs were pounded and restricted by the altitude. She twisted around and- once again- faced the storm head on, bracing herself an impact beyond her imagination. Her arms flailed and reached out for nothing.

Her own piercing scream ripped her from the fearful sleep in which she had been trapped. Sitting up in bed, she rubbed her eyes and pulled away her nightgown that clung to her sweat soaked skin.

Silence. Sweet, reassuring silence.

She glanced to her left and rose to walk toward her window. The night sky welcomed her visit as each star twinkled in grandeur, offering comfort with their beauty. She laughed a little to release the tension, silently scolding herself for being so unnerved by a dream. As she walked back to her bed to rest in the stillness, a sense of anticipation overwhelmed her…


Daily Offensive (baha!) said...

Wow...good story! I felt like i was right there with ya! Wonder what it means?!


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