Monday, February 8, 2010

The Virgin Movement

Recently, I saw a show on tv about this new "Virgin Movement" with teens and, more specifically, women who have stuck to their guns in an attempt to save sex for marriage. It's a load of crap, in my opinion.

Now, don't get me wrong, I fully support virginity and saving sex for marriage. But, have you seen virgins today? They make the red light district look like a St. Mary's Catholic church. And, please, tell me- what is the point of being a virgin if there is no chastity involved? I may be going back to my traditionalist roots here, but doesn't virginity require chastity? Doesn't being pure in every area of one's life go hand in hand with being virginal?!

I'd say yes. There is no more a confusing and blatantly two-faced thing than announcing, "I'm a virgin and I'll stay that way until I marry" and talking, acting and dressing as if those good intentions are a joke. When a man or woman (guy or girl) announces their intention of abstaining, it won't do them any good to flaunt what they've got. Who will they attract? Another who feels the same? The odds are against them, I think.

And I'll let you in on a little secret I have: I am saving myself for marriage. So, in this post, I am both calling myself to be accountable, but I am giving you the opportunity to hold me accountable, as well. And here lies my point: it doesn't take a virgin to be chaste, but it does take chastity to be virginal. I do fully intend on waiting until I've found that man who will want to dedicate his entire life to me as a husband before I allow myself to be intimate with him. God willing, I will go beyond that little goal into a whole new realm- keeping myself pure before the Lord. Living my life as a sacrifice and be a shining light that points the way. To say, "It's not just about the words, it's about the action what supports those words. Without them, the promise is nothing." I'm sure a lot of you will agree- no promise is worth it's weight unless the promiser follows through.

Those that put all that they are on the self-proclamation "I'm a virgin" are foolish. Have you ever come across someone who uses it as their identity only to fall a short while later? It saddens me. While holding true to a conviction, I believe that it requires a bit of reality. Of course there is the reality of making a mistake- don't rely on yourself as the only source of strength for remaining so. It all centers on Christ; after all, it's after His will that a virgin chases, right? And, so, He will be the strength of the virgin (or un-virgin who wants to be pure). See how it all ties in?


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