Friday, February 5, 2010

**One ending is a new beginning

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Not everyone is perfect, least of all me. These last few weeks I’ve been trying my hardest to let go. Let go of denial, hate, anger, resentment, insecurities, pain, fears… all the bad things that cloud someone’s mind.

If you constantly have a clouded mind, how do you get anywhere?

I’ve made it very clear to myself that I’m no longer to dwell on the past. I’m to live in the present. Opening up can be a very hard thing to do… The only analogy I have is “hot chocolate”.

Sometimes you crave the sweetness of it… and you want it SO bad. So you take a quick sip. Then you get burned. It hurts, but it doesn’t necessarily deter you from having more, it just makes you more cautious the next time. You may let it sit there for a while, waiting for it to cool down. Problem is that if it sits too long then it’s no longer “hot” chocolate, it’s cold, and you no longer want it as much. Or you may take a slow sip, hesitating a little, for fear of getting burned.

Like I said, it’s a process. Opening up is hard to do… but if you never open up, then you’ll never taste the “hot chocolate”. I guess we have to take the heat in order to get the chocolate, realizing not everyone who hurt us in our past will be seen in those we have in our future.

If we constantly live our life according to the past, will we ever break the pattern we are already in? Probably not. Therefore, I’m making the effort to live this day fresh and new, without baggage or fear. The end of my past is the future to my beginning.

Wish me luck.


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