Monday, February 8, 2010

♫ Random Monday 2-8-10

Random Monday 2-8-10

Let the randomness begin:

*My math brain likes the date today.

*I’m siiiiiiick. If you’re friends with me on Facebook, email me throughout the day, or stalk me on Twitter (because let’s face it, following is the same as stalking), you already know this. What you don’t know that that Mucinex does strange, strange things to my head including: short term memory fail, hearing problems, belly cartwheels, and groggy eyes. Moral of the story: I look much worse than I feel. I think.

*When I’m sick, I’m emotional. And I’ve been crying: all day long. Over nothing. I’m pitiful.

*I hate man caves. <- - - so much, you’re going to hear about that more than once this week.

*I love people and things from California. Their oranges and their people seem to be Cuties.

*I went to an entire convention this weekend to learn about Farming, and came away with new friends, new memories, Wind Energy knowledge, parliament protocol, and some pretty serious blackmail.

*Hotel shower heads should never, ever, be so short that it hits to the very tip top of the head of a 5’3 person, or the belly button of a 6’2 person. Somewhere in between would not only be common sense, but full of fantastic.

*I’m pretty sure along with the excessive nitrates in the water, exhaustion was also included at no extra charge.

*The Superbowl was boring to me this year…probably because I didn’t favor either of the teams, and slept through the first half, thank you Mucinex. However, I didn’t miss all the commercials, and this was probably my favorite of the whole game:

*Annnnd a song, because I really do miss him. Hard.

*The End. Commence: Coma

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Don't cry!!!!!

Loved that commercial and the one of them on the airplane as well! Fuuuuuunnny!

Good song! ;)

Anonymous said...

well a weekend of sharing in the joy of family and friends was way fun. lots and I mean lots of laughs. and friends from far far away to make it complete. Most of the peaple meaning the most sharing in a special time for me. You will some day not have blue mondays and life will be grand. I cant thank you enough for the special weekend> and I will stalk you all week for you.

Sazaran said...

If your math brain likes today, it must have been in love with 2-5-10! Even my math challenged brain caught that one...

maliaana said...

gee... thanx Nomz! While all Cuties are from California, not all Californians are Cuties... As for me, I know that laying underneath it all lurks a wenchability factor that pops up occasionally ={

I think maybe you need some more orange juice - no wait, if you ask the busser to get you some, you'll never see it!!! (wink, wink... profuse laughter from the table inserted here). I do hope you feel better. Hopefully we can experience more "farmin" weekends.

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