Wednesday, February 10, 2010

♫ The V-Day

Valentine’s Day. It’s right around the corner! I’d be lying if I told you I was excited. I’d really be lying if I told you I’ve been thinking about it. I was reminded by a friend yesterday that it’s this coming weekend. I’m that excited. After a few discussions with some close friends today, I thought I’d throw something together, to help every person out there…not just the romantics.

I talked about my love/hate relationship with Valentine’s Day last year. It’s in the archives, if you’re interested. Sarah blogged on it recently too, here: Love

The best part about Sarah’s perspective, is that she’s dead on with how we should be looking at love…whether we’re single, in a relationship, or somewhere in between.

It wouldn’t be fair to say I hate Valentine’s Day completely, unless I was going to say the same for every holiday. Holidays aren’t about the actual day, in my opinion. They are just a gentle reminder of things we should celebrate all year round. The Fourth of July, we blow things up in remembrance of our Nation’s birth; a holiday that should be celebrated daily. Thanksgiving, we give thanks…something we should practice daily. Christmas, some celebrate Christ’s birth, others take time to love on their families, for no other excuse then just to spoil them. Valentine’s Day should be the same. While it’s annoying that all the stores out there are out to get you with their bargain romances, it is important to remember to celebrate whatever it is that you love. Take Sunday as the opportunity to love on somebody, ask for forgiveness, mend a broken heart, start something new, or hate the department stores. Then, try to remember Sunday’s actions, every single day.

For the Romantics

Ideas…for those looking for gift ideas, romance novelties, etc. etc.


My mamma always told me that cologne is intimate. A sign, that things are getting serious. A sign that you really like somebody.


Yes, flowers die. Yes, they feel like a waste of money. But most women, whether outwardly or deep down, love to be spoiled, especially in front of people. They are overpriced. They don’t last long. But she’ll remember.


Avoid the busy restaurants and cook your man (woman) their favorite meal. There is way more privacy for hearty conversation, you can control the food, lighting, mood, etc., and you don’t have to deal with reservations, the crowd, or the noise. Plus, it shows you’ve gone above and beyond for somebody when you cook something they enjoy.

*Anything out of the ordinary

Clean their toilets <- - - true romance, gents.
Clean the litterbox
Change the diapers
Do the dishes <--- by hand. We’ll notice.
Clean the garage <---ladies, DON'T organize, touch, or even smell the tools.
Detail their car/truck/horse
Let them sleep in <--breakfast in bed doubles your points

Actual quote from a friend of mine (hope he doesn't mind): "drew a "get out of the doghouse free" card Sunday..." <--Women remember everything...even the good stuff. What you do, on this day, will stick with us forever.

Remember…these are all things celebrated on a stupid woman’s holiday, but a concept that should be shared year round. And really, for anybody you love…not just your lover. ;)

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

Awwwww...Valentines Day! Some people love it and some don't.

Me? Well...our wedding anniversary is around the same time ( a month further down the road...who is counting?!). So, we celebrate our anniversary on Valentines Day instead. We go to dinner and talk romantically. We don't waste money on flowers, chocolates or cards. We sometimes get 'crazy' and take a walk, kiss, hug or watch a movie after our dinner date.

That's about it for us... Valentine's Day should NOT be a day to make-up for all the other days/year, that we aren't loving or romantic. So we celebrate our anniversary then!

Enjoy whatever you do on that day and make it special for you and your loved one, without 'material' stuff!

Sazaran said...

I once heard that Mixed CDs are for 15 year olds only. I beg to differ. Reasons I think they're a great gift?

1. It takes planning.
2. They have to know and understand the musical taste of the recipient.
3. Mixes can be platonic or romantinc. Thus, a-sexual.
4. You think of that person anytime you hear the songs (in sequence) and the songs themselves can be good reminders of other happy memories.
5. Music reaches to a deeper level. Kind of like chocolate.

So, I'm adding this to your list of good ideas for... gulp.. lover's day.

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