Monday, February 22, 2010

♫ Random Monday 2-22-10

*I’m not sure why but I’ve got that terrible ”It’s just another Manic Monday…wish it was Sunnnnday song stuck in my head. Not that I’m fighting it, I do with it were still Sunday.

*I got to help a friend move this weekend, which was absolutely exhilarating. I love moving people, watching them start a new place from the very beginning. Like, I got to see the house empty, then box filled, and I’ll get to see it complete. Plus? Free exercise.

*In my opinion? Don't pass up any opportunity put in front of you. If it DOES work, God wanted you to have it. If it doesn't work, God said no. < -- does not apply to sky diving.

*I had an amazing weekend, I think you should know. Why: When my mom rolls out the table for breakfast, she means it. My guy pretty much rocks. My friends make me realize how blessed I am to have them. And it was a shopping, movie, food fest extravaganza, with an ending with just me, my guy, and a cute puppy face in front of the fire.

*I’ve said it everywhere I can say it except here: GO SEE THE BOOK OF ELI. Caution: It’s rated R for a reason, and has some pretty bloody scenes..but its recipe includes: a powerful message, filled with good acting, and baked at 350 degrees for approximately two hours bringing you to a perfect ending.

*If you only joined Twitter to follow one person, read all their updates, and that’s it? #youredoingitwrong.

*Please read my co-blogger’s, who looks fantastic in green by the way, Random Monday blog, to see what all I’m up to tomorrow night, and on October 10th. Tuesday!

*Relationships are hard. If they were easy, they’d just be called “sex”.

*Music Time! If we’re friends on Facebook, you’ve seen the posts. I’ve probably emailed it to you, if we’re in email contact. If I haven’t, watch it NOW. This video was originally done by a bunch of celebrities, and was redone recently by a group in Colorado (the third singer, is my soon-to-be-famous friend Isaac). WATCH IT PEOPLE.

*Quote: "Just because breasts are sometimes used in a sexual way, does not mean that the simple act of feeding a baby with them is gross or disgusting. Your mouth can also be used in a sexual way, but you still flap it freely in public."

Yours Truly,


Anonymous said...

So....the 'not passing up an opportunity' is so correct. I concur 110%!

And...the Twitter comment? Since my tweets are protected, I would just DELETE that person that is stalking, copying, mimicking you (or whatever is going on), because that is not what Twitter is all about. Too bad your tweets are open. I love the DELETE button!

Breezy said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! SO agree with you on The Book of Eli!
And yes... Mom's always make the bestest breakfasts eva! said...

You know what's going to be even more fabulous? Helping said friend get settled, arrange things & ORGANIZE, whether she likes it or not.

I can't believe you figured out why I joined Twitter. I thought the fact that I just happened to know your every move made me look psychic, not psychotic. Dammitalltohell.

Sazaran said...

The girl with the dark hair and raspy singing voice? She's the best!

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