Monday, February 15, 2010

♫ Random Monday 2/15/10

Maybe it’s the dose of antibiotics in my system, but I’m downright ornery, cranky, and testy. The tone of this one might be slightly more abrasive than normal. Or maybe not, who knows.

*It’s amazing how much easier I can breathe at work when my desk is clean. Like, when all my papers are stacked next to each other so that their edges are parallel? Yeah, I’m that obsessive.

*It really drives me crazy when people start half conversations, just to make sure you respond. Over text or email. Example: I have a story to tell you. <- - - the only thing in the message. Just get on with the story, people! I’ll respond, I promise. And if I don’t respond in two seconds, and you send me three more, I’ll tailgate you sometime, just to piss you off back.

*I can tell that 5:30 pm today, is going to be glee-inducing. Like, my girly girl is actually excited to come out and play. And smell better.

*I scheduled an appointment today to make humongous changes to my hair. I’m craving change something fierce.

*The fact that my two toddlers can actually make my ears tired, actually makes me one happy camper. The fact that they are both old enough to initiate conversation and story tell, even if it’s the same story over and over again, makes me beam with pride.

*My curiosity is eating me alive about a recent occurrence, but thanks to a promise I made to both parties, I cannot let my curiosity play. Note to self: Don’t make promises to yourself, or anybody else, that you don’t actually have any want to keep.

*Dear roommates, a request: Don’t be loud after 10pm, regardless of the day of the week (including but not limited to guests, tv’s, music.). Also, just because half of the house is yours, doesn’t mean all courtesy should go out the window (including but not limited to: throwing clothes from the washer in to the dryer, doing not just your dishes but all dishes, wiping out all toothpaste from the sink, not just yours, and scrubbing the entire toilet-not just half of it). For real people, losing all manners entirely just because you split the bills is uncalled for.

*Scratch n’ Sniff computer screens need to be the Next Big Thing. Why in the world would I buy perfume online, that I can’t sniff?

*I get to go to Barlow Girl, in concert, with one of my top favorite girls. Thus bringing us to the song of the day:

*Quote:”Because he was a ra-tard.” - - - The Hangover

Yours Truly,


Lover of your BLOG! said...

Great random blog today!

But, now you've left us ALL hanging and very curious as well. Glad you can keep promises or secrets - because that's make you a WONDERFUL friend!

Scratch and sniff screen? Sounds wonderful, but might spoil my diet!

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