Saturday, January 16, 2010

To Help Haiti

The below post was provided by Sazaran's Aunt via Facebook. It's darn good advice and we encourage you to spread it near and far. As always, our prayers are going out to the people of Haiti in this time of great need. ~ Nomz & Sazaran

Word of caution: heard from a friend today who is pretty high up in Project Hope. Although Haiti needs a tremendous amount of help, his suggestion was to go through an established organization to assist in country. They have found a number of people are showing up from around the world that are part of different organizations such as fire departments, churches, hospitals, etc. And even though the help is greatly needed and appreciated, it is placing a huge burden on what little infrastructure is in place. Workers are finding themselves in dangerous situations, no lodging, no food and water, and they then are having to call upon the Red Cross, Project Hope, Doctors W/o Borders and other organizations to help them. He said if you come with an organization who does not routinely do relief/ disaster work--come prepared for the absolute worst. You may find yourself stuck in Haiti much longer than you anticipated, eating very little food, having very little to drink, and being exposed to very dangerous social situations. It is imperative that your travel group have strong security measures in place. Although the help is needed, he suggested you contact the Red Cross or Project Hope on-line to investigate organizations within your state that have measures in place that allow those who wish to go to Haiti and help the means to do so in a safe and effective way. You like me just know if we can get there we can help in some way, but good Samaritans are beginning to be more of a burden than a help--and everyone is way too stretched to stop and listen to their plight.

To help, contact the following organizations:

Project HOPE

Red Cross

CBN/ 700 Club


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