Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm on the fourth book of Harry Potter (and the Goblet of Fire) and I love it. I love the series as a whole, so far. My most favorite thing is to get lost in the creativity and imagination of it all. I wish I could write like that. The question that keeps coming up in my mind is: "Should Christians be drawn to witchcraft and wizardry?" I think it depends all on one's convictions. Kind of like alcohol. Drinking alcohol is not a sin- but the Bible does instruct us "do not be drunk with wine". Perhaps, it is alright for me to read a fictional story about magic (specifically, good versus evil) but I would never actually begin to pursue spells or things of those nature. I'll leave the door of my heart open to conviction, however.

Hinging on the subject of Scar Boy, I shall bring Dumbledore forward as an example. Recently, I've felt the need for self-examination. It's healthy to put yourself under the microscope every once in a while, be subject to tactful criticism, and see the things that need to be changed. For me, I think I need to work on a word softly spoken. While reading I see that J.K. Rowling has made Dumbledore's character to be one that offsets wrath- his every word is carefully chosen and always soft- no matter to whom he is speaking or what charge is brought against him. Now, I have seen the movie, so I know that he can be a fireball when he wants to- which is key for me in this learning. I don't want to lose my passion.

Often, as you have seen in past posts, my opinions/convictions are somewhat black and white. Also, I do share my feelings openly; meaning, that I have no problem wearing my heart on my sleeve- even set it on fire a few times. The result is that people get burned. I don't want to burn people. I want to love people. Can you imagine how many people Jesus offended? But, also, I think He was probably like Dumbledore in that he was a great listener, softly spoken (but with conviction, I need to find that balance) and when need-be, He was forceful. Again, I need to find that balance.

Mother Theresa I will never be. There are things that I am passionate about, so passionate that I have determined to never be blasé when it comes to them: Christ as my Savior and Malachi.

So, bear with me while I aim at being quick to listen, slow to speak. I'm bound to slip up here and there... but it's all apart of the lesson-learning. And streeeetch.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Harry Potter guy at all, but someone sent me this for an interesting perspective on Leadership & Harry Potter:

Nomz' Dad

Sazaran said...

Nomz's Dad, I totally wrote a blog w ith all of Dumbledore's advice before I saw this comment. Thanks for the link and I completely agree with the writer! Gives you some stuff to think about, anyway... :)

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